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Multivariable Calculus - Math 2500


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Additional Exercises: This list provides a list of additional exercises from the textbook.  However, any information other than the exercise numbers does not have direct connection to our current class. I might not post much solutions on these exercises, and they will not be directly related to your quiz/exam problems, but you are welcome to try them and direct questions about them to me during office hours or through emails.

Online Exercise on polar coordinates. You should at the very least try problem 1-7.

Reading the following online notes will DEFINITELY help you understand materials coming later in the semester.

Notes on cylindrical coordinates.

Notes on spherical coordinates.

Notes on Integration of General RegionNotes on Integration of General Region (Cont.)


Integration Worksheet: with Solutions

15.3-15.4 Conservative vector fields, Green's theorem (11/16 class)

Finding the potential function (11/29 class. Not required for Exam 2.  Required in Final Exam)

Summary of Skill Set for Exam 2

Summary of Skill Set for the Final Exam


Solution to Quiz 1-part1Solution to Quiz 1-part 2.  Curving: None.

Solution to Quiz 2.  Curving: None.

Solution to Quiz 3.  Curving: 0.8x+1.3

Solution to Quiz 4

Solution to Quiz 5-1Solution to Quiz 5-2

Solution to Quiz 6-1,  Solution to Quiz 6-2


A Sample solution to Min-Max Problem

Solution to Midterm 1.  Curving: 0.99x+8

Solution to Midterm 2.  No Curve