Differential Expressed Gene (Differentially expressed isoform)

---some simulation

---gene differential done. (exon random effect)

Isoform using timecourse data

---need some gene, different isoform information (sha will help)

B-scaling for methylation.

--next week

Tensor clustering 

--contact peng


Methylation of arabidopsis (co-regulated region, DMR)

ssanova group mean. differential expressed (qvalue)

weighted leverage after B-scaling (sha)


Weighted leverage 

1a. sample fmri. 

1. model averaging proof

2. Methylation draft

3. RNAseq and methylation for leukemia (include transcription factor)

4. flower structure of the bacteria


1. Metagenomics (xin, xiaoxiao)

2. Isoform

3. Weighted leverage (proof)

Free choice:

measurement error SIR

brancing process