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Dr. Wenxuan Zhong


Statistics Department

PI of Big-data analytics research Lab

office address: 530 Brooks Hall

Lab address: 532 Brooks Hall

University of Georgia


Phone: (706) 542-0120

Fax: 706-542-3391

email: wenxuan@uga.edu

Lab Website: www.bigdata.uga.edu

Job opening:

postdoctoral positions in computational biology/bioinformatics is available immediately. These positions require excellent programming skills using C and Perl/Python and a firm knowledge of bioinformatics and Statistics. Interested candidates should forward their CV, selected reprints, a statement of research interests and goals (2-3 pages), and the contact information (phone, email, address) for three references to:

Dr. Wenxuan Zhong

Department of Statistics, 

University of Georgia

530 Brooks Hall

310 Herty Drive

Athens, GA 30602


Dr. Zhong graduated with a B.S. in statistics from Nankai University (China) and a Ph.D in statistics from Purdue University. She then worked as a postdoc fellow in Professor Jun Liu’s Lab in statistics department and FAS center of systems biology in Harvard University. She joined the Department of Statistics, UGA in 2013 and was an assistant professor in the Department of Statistics, UIUC from 2007-2013. Here is her CV.


Dr. Zhong's research focuses on the statistical methodology and theory development to face the striking new phenomena emerged under the big data regime. Over the past few years, Dr. Zhong has established diverse extramurally funded research programs to overcome the computational and theoretical challenges arise from the big data analysis. The basic statistical researches are successfully applied in modern genomic, epigenetic, metagenomics, text-mining and chemical sensing researches. Dr. Zhong is the founding director of the Big Data Analytics Research Initiative and the PI for a big data analytics dry lab located in the Pound Hall in University of Georgia. Dr. Zhong's research is highlighted by The University of Georgia Columns and College of Liberal Arts & Sciences University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

Grants Recieved: 

Active Grants: 

  1. National Institute of Health R01 GM113242-01,Principal investigator ($1,480,000) 07/01/2014–06/30/2018 Novel Statistical Tools for Cell Line Specific Epigenetic Analysis 
  2. National Science Foundation DMS-1228288 Principal investigator ($964,410) 08/01/2012–07/31/2015 Collaborative Research: Leverage Subsampling for Regression and Dimension Reduction 

  3. National Science Foundation MRI, CNS-1337732 Senior investigator (PI: Lumetta, S.S.$1,800,000) 09/01/2013–08/30/2016 Development of a Novel Computing Instrument for Big Data in Genomics

  4. National Institute of Health R01 DK062777, Co-investigator (PI: Kim, J. Kemper $1,300,000) Regulation of Cholesterol Catabolism by Bile Acids  

Finished Grants:

  1. National Science Foundation DMS-1120256 Principal investigator ($615,557) ATD Collaborative Research: Statistical Modeling of Short-Read Counts in RNA-Seq 

  2. Department of Energy, BER, Senior collaborator (PI: Bill Metcalf $2,300,641) 06/01/2010–05/30/2013 Methanogenic Archaea and the Global Carbon Cycle: A Systems Biology Ap- proach to the Study of Methanosarcina Species 

  3. University of Illinois Research Board, Principal Investigator ($19,000) 07/01/2008–06/30/2009 Variable Selection in Index Models with Applications to High Throughput Hi- stone Modifications 

  4. National Center for Supercomputing Applications, DMS080090 Principal investigator (One year TeraGrid Allocation) 2007–2008 Dimension Reduction in Transcription Factor Binding Motif Identification 

  5. National Institute of Health U01 ES016011, Co-investigator (PI: Kenneth Suslick $2,460,000) 07/01/2007–06/30/2012 A VOC Dosimeter based on a Colorimetric Sensor Array