The British Brass Band is UGA’s newest brass and percussion ensemble. Its instrumentation, which is standard for brass bands around the world, is 1 Eb Soprano Cornet, 9-10 Bb Cornets, 1 Bb Flugelhorn, 3-4 Eb Alto (Tenor) Horns, 2 Bb English Baritones, 2 Bb Euphoniums, 2-3 Bb Tenor Trombones, 1 Bass Trombone, 2 Eb Basses, 2 Bb Basses and 3-4 Percussionists.

Because of the conical nature of these brass instruments, the sound of the band is more lush and mellow than the typical orchestral brass ensemble. The exception is the trombone section, which acts as the trumpet sound of the band. With these attributes, the brass band can play from the most intimate to the most dynamic and vibrant of colors. Our repertoire encompasses a wide variety of styles including excellent original works, marvelous transcriptions of orchestral works, as well as marches and other light pieces. More than half of the trumpet studio performs in the British Brass Band.