Student testimonials on my teaching - Student testimonials.pdf

FILM 2130 - American Directors of Color (American Ethnic Cinema)

Most recent syllabus: FILM 2130 Fall 2017.pdf

Sample assignments:

Scene Analysis Exercise.pdf

Weekly Reflection Papers.pdf

Video Project.pdf

FILM 4250 - History of Cinema I

Most recent syllabus: FILM 4250 Fall 2016.pdf

Sample assignments: 

Analyzing Silent-Era Narrative and Style.pdf

Debates in Early Film Theory.pdf

Term Paper.pdf

FILM 4260 - History of Cinema II

Most recent syllabus: FILM 4260 Spring 2018.pdf

Sample assignments: 

Scene Analysis.pdf

Primary Source Assignment.pdf

Term Paper Assignment.pdf

FILM 4620 - Genre Cinema - Melodrama

Most recent syllabus: FILM 4620 Spring 2016.pdf

Sample assignments: 

Critical Definitions of Melodrama.pdf

Historical Definitions of Melodrama.pdf

Term Paper - Melodrama.pdf

FILM 4640 - Latin American Film and Media

Most recent syllabus: FILM 4640 Spring 2017.pdf

Sample assignments: 

Scene Analysis - Latin American Film and Media.pdf

Term Paper - Latin American Film and Media_0.pdf

FILM 4670 - Film Technology and Style

Most recent syllabus: FILM 4670 Spring 2018.pdf

Sample assignments: 

Scene Analysis - Film Technology and Style.pdf

Primary Source Assignment - Film Technology and Style.pdf

Term Paper - Film Technology and Style.pdf

FILM 5900 - Film Theory

Most recent syllabus: FILM 5900 Fall 2017.pdf

Sample assignments: 


Term Paper - Theory.pdf

THEA 8400 - Seminar in Theory and Criticism

Most recent syllabus: THEA 8400 Spring 2014.pdf

Sample assignments: 

Shot Analysis - 8400.pdf