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My research is supported by the NSF Award 2054214. I gratefully acknowledge the support from the RTG in Algebraic Geometry, Algebra, and Number Theory at the University of Georgia, and from the NSF RTG grant DMS-1344994.


Journal publications and preprints in reverse chronological order of completion. Until publication, the year given is that of submission to arXiv.

21. Almost orthogonal subsets of vector spaces over finite fields (with Ali Mohammadi), European Journal of Combinatorics, volume 103, article 103515, 2022. Journal | arXiv

20A question of Bukh on sums of dilates (with Brandon Hanson), Discrete Analysis, 2021:Paper No. 13, 21 pp., 2021. Journal | arXiv

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18. On the pinned distances problem in positive characteristic (with Brendan MurphyThang PhamMisha Rudnev and Sophie Stevens), Journal of London Mathematical Society, volume 105, issue 1, pp. 469-499, 2022. Journal | arXiv

17. An energy bound in the affine group  (with Oliver Roche-NewtonMisha Rudnev and Audie Warren), International Mathematics Research Notices, volume 2022, issue 2, pp. 1154-1172, 2022. Journal | arXiv

16. Refined estimates concerning sumsets contained in the roots of unity (with Brandon Hanson), Proceedings of the London Mathematical Society, volume 122, issue 3, pp. 353-358, 2021. Journal | arxiv

15. An example related to the Erdős-Falconer question over arbitrary finite fields (with Brendan Murphy), Bulletin of the Hellenic Mathematical Society, volume 63, pp. 38-39, 2019. Journal | arXiv

14. Bisectors and pinned distances (with Ben Lund), Discrete & Computational Geometry, volume 64, issue 3, pp. 995-1012, 2020. Journal | arXiv

13. Products of differences over arbitrary finite fields (with Brendan Murphy), Discrete Analysis, 2018: Paper No. 18, 42 pp., 2018. Journal | arXiv

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9. A point-line incidence identity in finite fields, and applications (with Brendan Murphy), Moscow Journal of Combinatorics and Number Theory, volume 6, issue 1, pp. 64-95, 2016. Journal | arXiv

8. On the number of dot products determined by a large set and one of its translates in finite fields, Online Journal of Analytic Combinatorics, issue 12, #4, 2017. Journal | arXiv

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6. The cardinality of sumsets: different summands (with Brendan Murphy and Eyvi Palsson), Acta Arithmetica, volume 167, issue 4, pp 375-395, 2015. Journal | arXiv

5. Matchings in random biregular bipartite graphs (with Guillem Perarnau), The Electronic Journal of Combinatorics, volume 20, issue 01, p60, 2013. Journal | arXiv

4. New proofs of Plünnecke-type estimates for product sets in groups, Combinatorica, volume 32, issue 06, pp. 721-733, 2012. Journal | arXiv

3. The $L^1$-norm of exponential sums in $\mathbb{Z}^d$Mathematical Proceedings of the Cambridge Philosophical Society, volume 154, issue 03, pp. 381-392, 2013. Journal | arXiv

2. Upper bounds on the cardinality of higher sumsets, Acta Arithmetica, volume 158, issue 04, pp. 299-319, 2013. Journal | arXiv

1. Plünnecke's inequality, Combinatorics, Probability and Computing, volume 20, issue 06, pp. 921-938, 2011. Journal | arXiv


Conference proceedings publications (all three are peer reviewed; I and II have citations).

III. Pseudorandomness of large sets in finite fields, in K.-U. Schmidt and A. Winterhof (eds.), Combinatorics and finite fields: Difference sets, polynomials, pseudorandomness and applications. Radon Series on Computational and Applied Mathematics, Berlin, Boston: de Gruyter, 199-210, 2019. Preprint | Proceedings

II. A second wave of expanders over finite fields, (with Brendan Murphy) in Combinatorial and Additive Number Theory II: CANT 2015 and 2016, 215-238, 2017. arXiv | Proceedings

I. The Plünnecke-Ruzsa inequality: an overview, in: Combinatorial and Additive Number Theory: CANT 2011 and 2012, 229-241, 2014. Author's Copy | Proceedings


Preprints that did not make it to print (but have Google scholar citations).

  • Collinear triples and quadruples for Cartesian products in $\mathbb{F}_p^2$ (absorbed in [13] above). arXiv
  • Products of differences in prime order finite fields (absorbed in the second conference proceedings article above; see also [12] and [13]). arXiv