This page contains a collection of tools I've found useful in teaching and research. Check back for updates!

Illustrations of the International Phonetic Alphabet & phonological features 
English phonemic transcription chart for matching symbols across conventions
Master Phonological Features Chart by Jason Riggle
iPA Phonetics: An iOS app for the International Phonetic Alphabet
Interactive IPA Chart from the University of Victoria, Canada
The real-time MRI IPA chart from USC's span group
Seeing Speech MRI IPA chart 
Interactive map of Illustrations of the IPA
UCLA Index of Sounds 
ArticulatoryIPA YouTube Channel 
Accents of English from Around the World with audio samples 
eNunciate! visual language learning tool
Rhyme Desk: find rhyming words via IPA transcription  

Acoustic analysis: Praat tutorials, scripting, and help
Praat: doing Phonetics by Computer
Mauricio Figueroa's scripting manual & tutorials
the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Vowels - tutorials & scripting help
Praat scripting manuals
Praat Users List
NCSU Phonology Lab Script Repository - Praat and more
Phonetics on Speed Praat Scripting Tutorial
Praat Script Collection from Will Styler
Praat-based Tools & Common Prosody Platform from Yi Xu
ProZed Praat plugin, for rhythm & tonal aspects of speech [paper]
Prosogram: Pitch contour stylization based on a tonal perception model
EasyAlign: phonetic alignment with Praat (Windows only) 
A Tutorial on Extracting Formants in Praat by Joey Stanley 
ToBI Annotation Environments for Praat & WaveSurfer 
Praat Scripting Tutorial by Antje Schweitzer 
Praat Vocal Toolkit - automated scripts for voice processing 
Parselmouth: a Python library for Praat [article]
Praat Tools: plugins for annotation, tokenizing, searching TextGrids, etc. 
mausmooth, a Praat script for smoothing and extracting f0 contours 
Draw TextGrid, a plugin for easier visualizations in Praat 
Matt Winn's Praat Scripts for a wide array of tasks 
FastTrack, a Praat plugin for fast, accurate, (nearly) automatic formant-tracking 
Praat manual for musicologists from Wim van der Meer 
Praat script repository from Henning Reetz 

Automating your transcription and acoustic analysis
Corpus Phonetics Tutorial from Elinor Chodroff 
SPPAS - forced alignment in multiple languages with Praat TextGrid output
WebMAUS - web-based forced alignment software from LMU
AutoVOT - automatic voice onset time calculation
P2FA and FAVE - software for forced alignment from UPenn
syllabify: a tool for syllabifying ARPABET transcriptions
the Prosodylab-Aligner for automated alignment [prosodylab github]
Montreal Forced Aligner for automated alignment
SWIPE' pitch extractor software by Kyle Gorman
DARLA - automated vowel formant extraction
Kaldi ASR - a toolkit for speech recognition
Formant Editor - a tool for improving formant-based analyses
EMU-webApp - label, visualize, and correct speech and derived speech data 
semiauto - plugin to improve efficiency of working in Praat
praatalign: a plugin for interactive forced alignment 
VoiceSauce - Matlab-based tool for voice quality analysis 
UW CLOx - web-based automatic transcription tool [MacOS Version]
Gentle - a robust yet lenient forced aligner 
CREPE pitch tracker based on deep learning 

R resources
the R project
R Studio - an excellent GUI for R (install both R and R Studio)
the vowels package for R and its web-based NORM interface
the phonR package for normalization, etc. in R (new version!) 
the phonTools package for R
ggplot2: make beautiful plots in R! [top 50 ggplot2 visualizations]
plyr: transform & summarize your data easily & automatically
PraatR: access Praat from R by Aaron Albin
readtextgrid: a package to read Praat TextGrids into R, by Tristan Mahr 
stat-ellipse: plot ellipses, e.g. around points in a vowel chart (requires other packages)
Rbrul, a tool for analyzing variation in linguistic data
SWIPE' for R: pitch extraction by Aaron Albin
plot spectrograms in R by Aaron Albin
Summary of Basic Statistical Tests in R from Stephanie Shih
tuneR: analysis of music and speech 
phonfieldwork package for phonetic fieldwork research and experiments (cf. Sound Viewer)

Tools for transcription, data acquisition, management & analysis
Open SLR: Open Speech & Language Resources
Phonological CorpusTools (github) - "Take the stress out of corpus analysis!"
Speech Corpus Tools - an application for interacting with large datasets
LaBB-CAT, a repository for time-aligned audio & transcripts
Phon: database management for audio corpora 
EMU-SDMS: database management & searching of audio corpora
Bavarian Archive for Speech Signals: tools for acoustic analysis
{Deep} Phonetic Tools - machine learning applied to acoustic analysis
Transcriber, a tool for labeling, segmenting & transcribing speech
Berkeley Phonetics Machine, a VM with software for doing phonetics already installed
FESTIVAL code snippets for speech synthesis
Language Markup and Experimental Design Software, a web-based platform
Polyglot DB, a Python package for storing and querying large speech corpora
ELAN, linguistic annotation software  
PennController software for online experiments 
IPAtranscriptor, a Python tool for IPA transcription, suitable for blind users [JIPA article]
FindingFive platform for online behavioral research 

Phonological databases, tools, & corpora
LAPSyD, the Lyon-Albuquerque Phonological Systems Database
UPSID, an online version of the UCLA Phonological Segment Inventory Database
South American Phonological Inventory Database, from UC Berkeley
PHOIBLE Online - a repository of cross-linguistic phonological inventory data
UMD's Langscape: a portal to language diversity
NIM, a "stimuli search engine" for psycholinguistics (Eng, Cat, Esp)
UD Phonology Lab Stress Pattern Database - with Finite State utility
learnLexicalConstraints, an online learner with lexically-specific phonological constraints
Language Variation Suite for variationist quantitative data analysis
IPhOD: the Irvine Phonotactic Online Dictionary
World Phonotactics Database of over 4000 languages 
Phonotactic Probability Calculator maintained by Michael Vitevitch
Language Goldmine - databases & datasets (not just PhPh)
Experigen - an online experiment platform

Spoken-language corpora (not exhaustive!)
OSCAAR, The Online Speech/Corpora Archive and Analysis Resource
Dynamic Dialects accent database with video speech samples 
Atlas sonore des langues régionales de France - the North Wind and the Sun in many varieties
Blog post on prosodically annotated corpora, focusing on English 
Corpus of Regional African American Language, at the University of Oregon 
Online Resources for African American Language, at the University of Oregon 
Microcontact: Italian dialects spoken in the Americas

General phonetics & phonology resources
Indiana University Phonetics Lab - an enormous compilation of resources
Jen Smith's phonetics page
Cristian DiCanio's resources and scripts
Val Systems: Josef Fruehwald's blog
VocalTractLab: speech production demos & more
Pink Trombone: online voice synthesizer
Sounds of Speech: speech articulation tutorial, with app 
Interactive Sagittal Section by Daniel Currie Hall 
eSpeak text to speech synthesizer 
MBROLA - "Towards a Freely Available Multilingual Speech Synthesizer" 
WaveSurfer - open-source tool for sound visualization & manipulation
FalaBrasil recognition & synthesis tools for Brazilian Portuguese 
WASP2 - Waveform, Annotations, Spectrogram & Pitch 

Unix resources
Ken Church's Unix for Poets
AWK cheat sheet - one-liners & other goodies
Using BASH, sed & awk for your language analysis - tutorial document

Using the IPA on your computer
in Windows: Microsoft Word supports IPA symbols. Try Insert --> Symbol.
in Mac OS: Install an IPA keyboard or use Charis SIL.
No time to install? Type IPA phonetic symbols.
Point and click IPA keyboard from Weston Ruter 

Just for fun
Chrome Music Lab - Spectrogram: Colorful, multidimensional, animated visualizations of sound.
Virtual Oscilloscope: visualize live sound input
Glyph: a game to investigate the shapes of letters 
Linguacuisine: learn a language while cooking a recipe!