My path to becoming a professor of mathematics has not been the traditional one.  After completing my Bachelor of Science in Molecular Biology at the University of Texas in Austin, I found that biology was not my passion.  After moving back to my hometown of New Orleans for several years, I decided to return to school to earn my doctorate in mathematics (just in the nick of time before Katrina).  Having taken almost ten years off from mathematics, I had enrolled at UGA as a post baccalaureate to refresh my background as well as justify my entry into the graduate program.  After much tribulation, I finally completed the sisyphean task known as graduate school and earned my doctorate in mathematics with incredibly patient help from my adviser, Dr. Robert Varley.  

After completing my degree, I joined the faculty at Southern Polytechnic State University, which soon merged with Kennesaw State University.  In the Fall of 2016 I was invited to return to UGA as a faculty member and am glad to be back home in Athens with my wife and four beautiful cats.  My position as a lecturer at UGA allows me much time to pursue my passion for teaching mathematics to undergraduates.  In the Fall 2017, I plan to continue my pedagogical research begun at KSU and continued at UGA in the Spring 2017 in order to study the effectiveness of the flipped classroom on students' understanding and retention of calculus knowledge.