Rough class schedule:

This calendar is updated weekly, indicating which textbook sections we plan to cover. It is where you will find paper HW assignments, test review documents, and other useful handouts.

This schedule will not show the topics for each day. Instead, it will outline what we plan to cover over the whole week. If you want more detail, email me or talk to me outside of class.


Week 1:

  • Introduction to the course (see the syllabus at the top of this page)
    • Make sure to log on to WeBWorK and practice with it! Check the syllabus or email me if you're having problems.
    • You will need to install VPN (virtual private network) programs if you plan to use WeBWorK off-campus. Read this to see the necessary steps.
    • Here's an algebra pretest. In class, I only handed out the first two pages; you can read the rest for review if you want.
  • Section 2.1: average and instantaneous slopes, introduction to tangent lines
  • Section 2.2: limit laws
  • (We skip Section 2.3 about the formal definition of limit.)
  • Section 2.4: one-sided limits, and the Squeeze Theorem with sin(theta)/theta


Paper HWDemo HW

  • This is just a sample to show how these assignments work. Next week, you'll have an assignment put out Monday and due on Friday.
  • Solutions
    • In the future, partial solutions will be uploaded to eLC on Mondays after the due date.

Week 2:

  • Section 2.5: continuity and the Intermediate Value Theorem
  • Section 2.6: horizontal and vertical asymptotes
    • We will also show how to draw sign diagrams, keeping track of when a function is positive or negative.


Quiz this week: Section 2.2


Paper HW 1 (due Friday August 25 in class)

  • This is the first paper assignment, so leave yourself plenty of time to try it! You may want to check out the office hours schedule at the top of this page.
    • Look at last week to see a demo writeup which shows the level of explanation I'm expecting.
  • Solutions to some of the problems will be uploaded to eLC on the following Monday.


Test 1 will be next Tuesday, August 29, in class.

  • The test will have 6 to 8 problems on it, for 75 minutes of class time. The average difficulty is between the quiz and paper HW.
    • Most questions will be similar to WW problems, but there are some parts asking for short written explanations (like in paper HW).
  • Review topic list for Test 1
    • This document also has concept-check questions you should ask yourself.
  • Practice problems for Test 1
    • Next Monday will be a review day in class. We can go over some of these problems.

Week 3:

  • Review for Test 1
    • See the topic list and practice problems above.
    • Additional office hours Monday: 4:30-5:30pm. Possible extra evening hours by request.
  • TEST 1
  • Sections 3.1 and 3.2: Definition of derivative f'(x) and differentiability


No quiz or paper HW for this week

  • Week 4's paper HW will be released on Friday, because the Monday afterward is Labor Day.


Week 4:

  • NO CLASS Monday (Labor Day)
  • Section 3.3: basic derivative rules (including Product and Quotient Rules), repeated derivatives
  • Section 3.4: derivatives as rates of change, especially with motion (displacement, velocity, acceleration)


Quiz this week: Section 3.1


Paper HW 2 (due Friday September 8 in class)

  • Solutions to some problems will be uploaded to eLC the following TUESDAY (due to Hurricane Irma).

Week 5:

  • Class canceled for Monday and Tuesday due to Hurricane Irma.
    • We will not cover Section 3.5 in class, but you can click below for notes on it.
    • We will also not finish Section 3.7 in class this week; you can click below for additional notes on it (to be read after Friday's class).
    • You get a take-home quiz below.
  • Section 3.5: trigonometic derivatives
  • Section 3.6: Chain Rule
  • Section 3.7: Implicit differentiation


Quiz this week: Take-home quiz on Sections 3.3 and 3.4

  • Please write your answer on a piece of paper, and bring this in to class on Wednesday.
  • Quiz: If an object has position s(t) = (-t + 2) / (t^2 + t + 3) at any time t, determine the times t at which the object is temporarily stopped (velocity 0).


Paper HW 3 (due Friday September 15 in class)

Week 6:

  • Section 3.8: derivatives of inverses, ln(x), logarithmic differentiation
  • Section 3.9: derivatives of the trig inverses arcsin(x), arccos(x), arctan(x)
  • Section 3.10: related rates


Quiz this week: Section 3.6


Paper HW 4 (due Friday September 22 in class)


Test 2 will be next Tuesday, September 26, in class.

  • Like with Test 1, expect 6 to 8 problems on it, with average difficulty between the quiz and paper HW.
  • Most questions will be similar to WW problems, but there are some parts asking for short written explanations (like in paper HW).
    • There will be a concept question on this test!
    • This test has an extra-credit question at the end. (You should focus on the other problems first, however.)
  • Here's a review topic list for this exam.
    • The concept-check questions on it are very useful for study.
  • Here's a collection of practice problems to go over.
    • We can do some of these problems in class review next Monday.

Week 7:

  • Review for Test 2
    • Office hours for Test 2 on Monday: 2-3:15pm, 4:30-5:30pm
  • TEST 2
  • Section 3.11: linear approximation and differentials
  • Section 4.1, day 1 of 2: absolute and local extrema, Closed Interval Method


 No quiz or paper HW this week.


Week 8:

  • Finish Section 4.1: Closed Interval Method
  • Section 4.2: Rolle's Theorem and Mean Value Theorem, beginning of antiderivatives
    • For more demonstration of uses of these theorems when studying roots, you may want to see this page (especially Example 1) or this video.
  • Section 4.3: Signs of f'(x), First-Derivative Test for Local Extrema


Quiz this week: Section 4.1 (10 minutes, not 8)


Paper HW 5 (due Friday October 6, in class)

Week 9:

  • Section 4.4 (2.5 days): concavity, curve sketching, Second Derivative Test for Extrema
  • Section 4.5 (1.5 days out of 2.5): L'Hopital's Rule for 0/0 or infty/infty limits, 0 * infty form
    • We will look at several other indeterminate forms on Monday of the following week.


Quiz this week: Section 4.3 (10 minutes, not 8)


Paper HW 6 (due Friday October 13, in class)

Week 10:


Quiz this week: Section 4.5


Paper HW 7 (due Friday October 20, in class)


Test 3 is next Tuesday, October 24, in class.

  • Expect 6 or 7 questions on it, lasting 75 minutes. There will be an extra-credit problem as well.
  • As promised in class, there will be a concept question involving the main nonconstructive theorems of class.
    • You won't have to do the same kind of proof with Rolle's Theorem as in your paper HW, but you should study EVT, Rolle, and MVT.
    • Make sure you understand what these theorems are supposed to represent visually as well as knowing their precise statements!
  • Here's a review topic list for this exam.
  • Here are practice problems for this exam.
    • I will have copies in class on Monday of the first two pages with the questions.
    • Some questions have answers already provided on the other pages.


Week 11:

  • Review for Test 3
    • Office hours for Monday: 2:00 to 3:30pm and 4:30 to 5:30pm
  • TEST 3
  • Section 4.7: Newton's Method
    • This is a cool applet that lets you enter functions WeBWorK-style and illustrate Newton's Method!
    • You need Java to run this applet, so Chrome won't work. Use a different browser, like Firefox or Safari.


There is no class on Friday due to UGA's Fall Break.


No quiz or paper HW this week


Week 12:

  • Section 4.8: antiderivatives and indefinite integral notation
  • Section 5.1: introduction to area enclosed by one curve, rectangle approximations
    • We will introduce the definite integral notation in class, although it isn't in the book until Section 5.3.
    • We will also start showing off summation notation in Friday's class, to be developed more in 5.2.


Quiz this week: Section 4.7, Newton's Method

  • You may use a calculator, but the quiz will be designed so you shouldn't need one.


Paper HW 8 (due Friday November 3 in class)

Week 13:


Quiz this week: Section 5.1 and writing summation notation (but you don't have to know closed-form sums)


Paper HW 9 (due Friday November 10 in class) 

Week 14:

  • Finish Section 5.4: FTC
  • Section 5.5: "u-substitution" in indefinite integrals
  • For Friday's class, we will probably do a bit of substitution with definite integrals, as well as a bit of Test 4 review.
    • Test 4 will come after Thanksgiving Break!


Quiz this week: Section 5.4 (both parts of Fundamental Theorem)


Paper HW 10 (due Friday November 17 in class)

  • If you have to leave campus before class on Friday, make arrangements with me by email or in person to hand in your assignment early.


Test 4 is on Tuesday November 28 in class, after Thanksgiving Break.

  • In fact, start reviewing already for the final exam! Here are old final exams to look over.
  • This test will cover Sections 4.8 to 5.5.
    • Newton's Method will not be on this test.
    • If you have to take limits of Riemann sums, I will provide the closed-form summations you will need (like Little Gauss's Formula).
    • Unless the problem specifically says otherwise, you will be allowed to use the Fundamental Theorem to evaluate any definite integrals.
  • Here's a topic review list.
  • Here are practice problems we will go over in class on Monday after break.

Week 15:

  • Review for Test 4
    • Office hours for Monday November 27: 9-10am, 2-3:30pm, and 4:30-5:30pm
  • TEST 4
  • Section 5.6: definite substitution, and area between two curves


The final two days of class, December 4 and 5:

  • Both days will be final exam review.
    • I will prepare a few problems from old final exams (see below), but open questions are welcome!
  • We meet both days as if it's MWF schedule: Tuesday December 5 behaves like a Friday schedule.


There are no more quizzes or paper HW in the course.

Final Exam Information


This is a mass final exam, meaning that every class of Math 2250 gets the same exam (or similar versions).

It will also be graded as a team by all the Math 2250 instructors.

Here are old final exams to look over. Start studying early, so that you can study a bit at a time!

  • You should also look over your old tests. I will not give out solutions, but I can show you my solutions in office hours.


Office hours information:

I will be pretty flexible during finals, but the department will also offer "pooled hours".

  • This means that we will reserve one office where students from ANY section of Math 2250 can come by to ask questions.
  • Here's the schedule of pooled hours. Stop by anytime to Boyd 628!
    • I will be there on Thursday Dec 5 from 11am to 1pm and on Friday Dec 6 from 8am to 11am.


Date, time, location of the final exam:

Tuesday December 12

Miller Learning Center room 148

7pm to 10pm

  • If you're unable to make this time and location, let me know as soon as possible.


Expectations for the test:

  • Here's a topic list for finals review, along with some policies at the end. (Some are recopied further down in this page.)
    • It's safe to expect that you'll get one or two related-rates problems and one or two optimization problems.
    • You will definitely have a problem (maybe two or three) which make you work with a picture rather than a formula. Look back at your old tests!
  • Expect this test to be about twice the length of an in-class test, so you get more time per problem. The total number of points is somewhere from 180 to 200.
    • There are answer boxes to fill in for each problem.


Policy notes:

  • You are allowed TI-30 calculators, but nothing fancier. These can be obtained cheaply at the UGA bookstore if needed.
    • However, you will not necessarily need one on the test. As usual, answers can be left unsimplified.
  • Do not sit in adjacent seats during your exam, if possible.
  • We will have extra blank scratch paper if you want it during the exam. You cannot bring your own scratch paper.
  • Backpacks will be placed at the front of the room. Your phone should be kept in your backpack (and should be turned off).
    • You may not use an Internet-enabled device during the test, such as a smart watch.
  • You cannot take bathroom breaks during the exam. If you leave the exam room, we have to take your exam and consider it done.
    • However, if you finish the test early, you may leave.

Exceptions can be made for some of these policies with medical excuses. Let me know if you have questions.

Last updated: 11/30/2017