Rough class schedule:

This calendar is updated weekly, indicating which textbook sections we plan to cover. It is where you will find paper HW assignments, test review documents, and other useful handouts.

Because there are two sections of this course which meet on slightly different days, this schedule will not show the topics for each day. Instead, it will outline what we plan to cover over the whole week. If you want more detail, email me or talk to me outside of class.


Week 1:

  • Introduction to the course (see the syllabus at the top of this page)
    • Make sure to log on to WeBWorK and practice with it! Check the syllabus or email me if you're having problems.
    • You should have received an email invite for Piazza, an online discussion forum for the course. It's a great place to ask and answer questions! (There's more detail in the syllabus.)
  • Section 2.1: rates of change and tangents
  • Section 2.2: limit laws
  • Start Section 2.4: one-sided limits


Paper HWDemo HW

  • This is just a sample to show how these assignments work. Next week, you'll have an assignment put out Monday and due on Friday.
  • Solutions

Week 2:

  • Finish Section 2.4: limits involving (sin x) / x as x -> 0
  • Section 2.5: continuity, Intermediate Value Theorem
  • Section 2.6: asymptotes and limits that deal with infinity


Paper HW 1, due Friday 8/28/15

  • You may want to look back at the sample from last week to get an idea of how to write these.
  • Partial solutions will be put on eLC on Monday 8/31.

Week 3:

  • Sections 3.1 and 3.2: Tangent lines, definition of derivative
  • Section 3.3: Basic derivative formulas, laws of derivatives
    • Section 15612 will only see this up to the sum and difference laws. Section 15626 will meet twice on this topic, and we'll finish product and quotient laws.
    • This section will not be tested on Test 1.


Paper HW 2, due Friday 9/4/15

  • Partial solutions will be on eLC on Monday 9/7/15 (Labor Day).


Test 1 is next week! It covers Sections 2.1 through 2.6 (we skipped 2.3), the Asymptotes HW, and Sections 3.1 & 3.2.

Week 4:

  • Finish Section 3.3: laws of derivatives (15612 section)
  • Test 1
  • Start Section 3.4: derivative applications, like motion


No paper HW this week


Week 5

  • Finish Section 3.4: Derivatives as rates of change
  • Section 3.5: Derivatives of trigonometric functions
  • Section 3.6: Chain Rule
  • Start Section 3.7: Implicit differentiation


Paper HW 3, due Friday 9/18/15

  • Partial solutions will be on eLC on Monday 9/21/15 after class.

Week 6:


Paper HW 4, due Friday 9/25/15

  • Partial solutions will be on eLC on Monday 9/28/15 after class.

Week 7:

  • Section 3.10: Related Rates
  • Section 3.11: Linear approximation, differentials
  • Friday is different for the two sections.
    • Section 15612 will start doing Test 2 review on Friday. Section 15626 will start Section 4.1: Closed Interval Method. (Their review starts on Monday.)


Paper HW 5, due Friday 10/2/15

  • Partial solutions will be on eLC on Monday 10/5/15 after class.


Test 2 is next week! It covers Sections 3.3 - 3.11.

Week 8:

  • Test 2
  • Section 4.1: extreme and critical values, Closed Interval Method


No paper HW this week


Week 9

  • Section 4.2: Mean Value Theorem
    • We may cover uses of the MVT in class which are not addressed that much in the textbook.
  • Section 4.3: Monotone Functions and First-Derivative Test
  • Start Section 4.4: Concavity, Inflection Points, and Curve Sketching


Paper HW 6, due Friday 10/16/15

  • Apologies, but the first version posted had a typo. The correct version should have sqrt(2x+3) in the first problem, not sqrt(2x-3).
  • Partial solutions will be on eLC on Monday 10/19/15 after class.

Week 10

  • Finish Section 4.4: Curve sketching
    • Go back to the previous week in this calendar to review the checklist handout for Section 4.4.
  • Section 4.5: L'Hopital's Rule, limits of indeterminate forms


Paper HW 7, due Friday 10/23/15

  • Partial solutions will be on eLC Monday 10/26/15 after class.

Week 11


Paper HW 8, due THURSDAY 10/29/15 by 5pm

  • The due date is unusual because there is no class on Friday.
  • You may turn this in at class, or you may hand it in at my office. (I'll accept papers slid under the door.)
  • Partial solutions will be on eLC Monday 11/2/15 after class.

Week 12

  • Section 4.7: Newton's Method for approximating roots
  • Section 4.8: Antiderivatives, indefinite integral notation, differential equations of form dy/dx = f(x)
  • Friday's class will differ for the two sections. Section 15612 will start test review. Section 15626 will see some coverage of Section 5.1 (area under curves); this material is not on Test 3.


Paper HW 9, due Friday 11/6/15

  • Partial solutions will be on eLC on Monday 11/9/15.


Test 3 is next week! It covers Sections 4.1 - 4.8.

Week 13

  • Test 3
  • Section 5.1: Rectangular approximations of area under curves
  • Start Section 5.2: Summation notation, getting limits of sums


No paper HW this week

Week 14

  • Section 5.3: the general definitions of Riemann sum and definite integral, properties of the integral
  • Section 5.4: the Fundamental Theorem of Calculus


Paper HW 10, due Friday 11/20/15

  • Partial solutions will be on eLC on Monday, November 30, 2015.

Week 15, and the final two days of the semester 

  • Section 5.5: the Substitution Rule and the "u-substitution" method
  • Section 5.6: substitutions of definite integrals, areas between two curves


We will finish our coverage of the class's material on Friday, December 4. We also meet on both Monday December 7 and Tuesday December 8, on an MWF schedule.


Paper HW 11, due Friday 12/4/15

  • Partial solutions will be on eLC by Monday, December 7, 2015.

Final Exam Details

This course does not follow the usual final exam schedule. Instead, all classes for Math 2250 will take the same (or similar) final exams at the same time.

  • Date: Tuesday December 15, 2015
  • Time: 7pm to 10pm
  • Room: Miller Learning Center 171

Any conflicts with this time should be brought up to the instructor as soon as possible. Valid reasons for rescheduling a final exam are described on the registrar's page for final exam policies. (For instance, if you have 3 exams that take place within the same 24-hour interval, you may arrange to get one exam moved.) Travel arrangements for the holidays are not a valid reason for taking an alternate exam, barring serious cases that should be discussed with the instructor. 

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