Class schedule with handouts:

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Tuesday Jan 6:

  • Introduction to the course (see the syllabus and the “getting started” documents at the top of this page.)
  • Section 2.1


Thursday Jan 8:

  • Section 2.2
  • Start Section 2.3
    • Slope
    • Formulas for Lines


Tuesday Jan 13:

QUIZ 1: Section 2.2

  • Finish Section 2.3
    • Parallel & perpendicular lines
    • Intersections of lines
    • Several word-problem skills with lines

Start working on WebQuiz 1! It covers Sections 2.1 through 2.3.

  • I recommend you check over your answers with someone before submitting.
  • We will do a brief overview of some questions shortly before Test 1, but you really want to think about this now.
  • WebQuizzes show you what hard test problems are like, requiring you to recognize your skills in new situations.


Thursday Jan 15:

  • Section 2.4, parts A and B of HW
    • Substituting into functions
    • Domain and range
    • Simplifying difference quotients (f(x+h) – f(x)) / h

Start working on WebQuiz 2! It covers Section 2.4 (we’ll look at C next class).


Tuesday Jan 20:

QUIZ 2: Section 2.3


Thursday Jan 22:

NOTE: There are actually two handouts given out in this class, but you’ll receive them stapled together.




Tuesday Jan 27:

  • Finish Section 2.5
    • Horizontal transformations
    • Domain and range of transformed graphs
  • Start Section 2.6 (mostly 2.6A)
    • Quadratic formula and discriminant
    • Standard form (aka vertex form)


Thursday Jan 29:

QUIZ 3: Section 2.5

  • Finish Section 2.6 (mostly 2.6B)
    • Turning some tough equations into quadratics
    • Getting max / min from standard form
    • Word problems for roots or for max / min


Tuesday Feb 3:

  • Section 2.7
    • Arithmetic of functions
    • Composite functions g(f(x))
    • Domains of combinations like f + g or f o g
    • Reading function values from tables
  • Section 4.1
    • One-to-one functions
    • Inverses
    • Transformations with inverses, graphs of inverses
    • Computing inverse algebraically


Thursday Feb 5:

QUIZ 4: Section 2.6 (probably 2.6B)




Tuesday Feb 10:


Thursday Feb 12:

  • Section 4.4
  • Logarithms and their Graphs
    • Solving some equations with logs (like interest equations)
  • Section 4.5A
    • The logarithm laws
    • Simplifying or expanding logs, canceling logs


Tuesday Feb 17:

QUIZ 5: Sections 4.2 and 4.3

  • Section 4.5B
    • Solving equations with several logarithms
  • Section 4.6
    • The Change of Base Formula
    • Quadratics in a^x and other types

The 11am section had class canceled today; your quiz will be on Thursday instead.


Thursday Feb 19:

  • Section 4.6
    • More quadratics in a^x
  • Start Chapter 4 Applications
    • Solving for unknowns when the equation is given
    • Canceling initial values from a problem (and using percentages)
    • Finding an exponential graph through two points


Tuesday Feb 24:

QUIZ 6: Section 4.5B

  • Finish Chapter 4 Applications
    • Problems where you find rate first, then put in another point
    • Setting two different exponential functions equal


Thursday Feb 26:




This unit will not allow the use of a calculator! (There are only a few HW problems that require one.)


Tuesday Mar 3:

  • Section 5.1
    • Basic terminology for angles, coterminal angles
    • Degree and radian measure
    • Circular sector formulas
  • Start Section 5.2A
    • The right-triangle definitions of the trig functions (SOHCAHTOA)
    • Pythagorean identities


Thursday Mar 5:

  • Parts of Section 5.2A, 5.2B, and 5.3
    • Solving two equations with cos and sin in them
    • Word problem strategies with right triangles and trig
    • The definitions of trig functions anywhere in the plane
    • Signs of trig functions, values for quadrantal angles
  • I don’t think the topic ordering from the textbook makes the most sense. We’ll be jumping around a little bit in this unit. You probably will need to look back over these handouts several times to pull all the ideas together. (You may also want to read the book from the “Read It” links on WebAssign.)
  • Here are a couple harder problem setups we can’t cover in class.


SPRING BREAK: Week of Mar 9-Mar 13


Tuesday Mar 17:


Thursday Mar 19:

QUIZ 7: Section 5.2A

  • Finish 5.4
    • Solving basic equations of the form trig(x) = a in an interval


Tuesday Mar 24:




Calculators are allowed again for the rest of the course.


Thursday Mar 26:

  • Sections 5.5 and 5.6
    • The features of sine and cosine waves: Amplitude, Period, Axis
    • Phase Shifts and the equation type y = a*sin(bx + c) + d
    • Some remarks about the other trig graphs


Tuesday Mar 31:

QUIZ 8: Section 5.5

  • Start 5.7
    • Solving a right triangle (finding unknown sides and angles)
    • SAS area formula
    • Practice using either SAS Area or SOHCAHTOA
    • Elevation and depression angles (part 1)


Thursday Apr 2:

  • Finish 5.7
    • Elevation and depression angles (part 2)
  • Section 6.2
    • Full Solutions of Trig Equations (with “+ 2pi n” or “+ pi n”, etc.)
    • Substituting for Angles or for Trig Functions in Equations
    • We can’t finish the last few examples from today’s notes: here are their answers.


Tuesday Apr 7:

QUIZ 9: Section 6.2

  • Sections 6.3 and 6.4
    • Angle addition formulas for sin(alpha +- beta) and cos(alpha +- beta)
    • Double-angle formulas sin(2alpha) and cos(2alpha)
    • Strategies for solving equations with these formulas
  • We can’t finish the last few examples from today’s notes: here are their answers.


Thursday Apr 9:




There will be one final WebQuiz in these next two weeks.

There’s no in-class test, but there is a comprehensive final exam. You can register for a final-exam slot on any day of finals week. More details are at the course-wide homepage.


Tuesday Apr 14:

  • Section 6.6A
    • Domain and ranges of the trig inverses
    • Do trig and trig^-1 cancel? Why / why not?
    • Substituting theta for trig^-1(a) in problems
  • Begin Section 6.6B
    • Word problems with unknown acute angles
  • Graphs of the inverse trigs can be found here.


Thursday Apr 16:


Tuesday Apr 21:

Quiz 10: Section 6.6A

  • Finish Sections 7.1 and 7.2
    • Bearings
    • Final, hardest word problems of the course


Thursday Apr 23:


Good luck on finals, everyone! I have flexible office hours upon request.


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