Class schedule with handouts:

This schedule will be updated weekly, containing daily notes and quiz announcements. If a date has a link attached to it, click it to download the notes sheet.

There may be extra handouts in addition to the daily notes sheet. It is your responsibility to look for and read these handouts on your own time. You are welcome, however, to bring up questions on those handouts before or after class, in email, or in office hours.


Week 0:

Thursday Aug 11:

  • Introduction to the course (see the syllabus and the “getting started” documents at the top of this page.)
  • Section 2.1

Week 1:

Tuesday Aug 16:

  • Section 2.2
  • Miscellaneous algebra techniques for 2.2 and 2.3


Thursday Aug 18:

  • Quiz 1 on HW 2.1 and/or 2.2
  • Section 2.3

Week 2:

Tuesday Aug 23:

  • Section 2.4, parts A and B of the HW


Thursday Aug 25:

  • Quiz 2 on HW 2.3
  • Section 2.4, part C of the HW

Week 3:

Tuesday Aug 30:

  • Section 2.5


Registration for Basic Skills Test 1 (first round) opens on Thursday, Sep 1!

  • Go to the department-wide 1113 site to find a link where you can register for a slot.
  • Our class can only sign up for slots on Thurs Sep 8 or Fri Sep 9.
  • Next week is the first round of Basic Skills Testing. There will be a second round the following week as well. (See the syllabus.)


Thursday Sep 1:

  • Quiz 3 on HW 2.4C
  • Section 2.6, part A of the HW and some of part B

Week 4:

Tuesday Sep 6:

  • Section 2.6, part B of the HW
  • Section 2.7


Registration for Basic Skills Test 1 (second round) should open soon.

  • Our available days are Thurs Sep 15 or Fri Sep 16.

In-class Test 1 is next Tuesday, Sep 13!


Thursday Sep 8:

  • Quiz 4 on HW 2.6B
  • Go over some problems on WQ 1 and 2.

Week 5:

Tuesday Sep 13:

  • IN-CLASS TEST 1 (50 minutes)
  • We may have 10 to 15 minutes available at the start of class to go over any requested problems.
    • I will not prepare problems for this: you have to bring the problems you want to see.
    • When the test is done, class is over for the day.



Thursday Sep 15:

  • Miscellaneous algebra work: complicated inequalities (revisit), solving composite equations
    • We will make more use of composite equations when we cover Section 4.6 in class.
  • Section 4.1

Week 6:

Tuesday Sep 20:

  • Sections 4.2 and 4.3, part 1
  • We will start compound interest today, finishing it on Thursday.


Thursday Sep 22:

Week 7:

Tuesday Sep 27:

  • Section 4.5 A and B


Thursday Sep 29:

  • Quiz 6 on HW 4.2 and a bit of HW 4.4
  • Section 4.6
    • You should review the notes from the first day of this Unit on composite equations as well!


Skills Test 2, round 1, is next week (Thursday and Friday).

  • You'll see an announcement in WebAssign when registration opens.

Week 8:

Tuesday Oct 4:

  • Miscellaneous Applications of Chapter 4 material


Registration for Basic Skills Test 2 (first round) should be out now, and the second round should be available next week.

  • The first round takes place on Thurs Oct 5 or Fri Oct 6.
  • The second round will be a week later, Thurs Oct 12 or Fri Oct 13.


In-class Test 2 is next Tuesday, Oct 11!


Thursday Oct 6:

  • Quiz 7 on HW 4.5A and B
  • Go over some problems on WQ 3 and 4.

Week 9:

Tuesday Oct 11:

  • IN-CLASS TEST 2 (50 minutes)
  • We may have 10 to 15 minutes available at the start of class to go over any requested problems.
    • I will not prepare problems for this: you have to bring the problems you want to see.
    • When the test is done, class is over for the day.



Thursday Oct 13:

  • Section 5.1
    • Review these notes for the definitions of many vocabulary words we have dealing with angles!
  • Section 5.2, part 1
    • This section has a lot of material, and we'll spread its coverage over two or three days.
    • On this day, we cover the basics of trigonometry in right triangles (SOHCAHTOA), and we present the special angles.

Week 10:

Tuesday Oct 18:


Thursday Oct 20:

  • Quiz 8 on HW 5.1 and the beginning of HW 5.2A (the material of the first day of Unit 3)
  • Section 5.2, part 3
    • We finish Section 5.2 by discussing the signs of the trig functions (ASTC), along with values for quadrantal angles.
  • Section 5.3, part 1
    • We will go over the graphs of sine and cosine, "angle transformations", and a bit more about identities.
    • We will finish this section next class with discussion of "special angles" in other quadrants and revisiting reference angles.
  • Here's a handout with all six graphs of the trig functions.

Week 11:

Tuesday Oct 25:

  • Finish Section 5.3 and start Section 5.4: reference angles
  • Strategies to solve basic trigonometric equations trig(x) = a


Thursday Oct 27:

  • Quiz 9 on the "x,y,r" definitions of the trigonometric functions (and the unit circle)
  • Section 5.4, part 2: more equation practice
  • Section 5.7, part 1: more SOHCAHTOA strategies, the SAS area formula

Week 12:

Tuesday Nov 1:

  • Finish Section 5.7: exercises with right triangles and SAS triangles.


Thursday Nov 3:

  • Quiz 10 on Section 5.7 (and related to 5.2B)
  • Section 5.5: transformations of sine and cosine waves


Skills Tests 3 are next week on Monday and Tuesday. (The second round is the following Monday and Tuesday.)

Week 13:

Tuesday Nov 8:

  • Go over some problems on WQ 5 and 6.


Thursday Nov 10:

  • IN-CLASS TEST 3 (50 minutes)
  • We may have 10 to 15 minutes available at the start of class to go over any requested problems.
    • I will not prepare problems for this: you have to bring the problems you want to see.
    • When the test is done, class is over for the day.


Week 14:

Tuesday Nov 15:

  • Section 6.1: some tactics for verifying identities
  • Section 6.2, part 1: harder trig equations trig(x) = a


Thursday Nov 17:


Our last in-class quiz will be on the Tuesday after Thanksgiving Break, covering Section 6.2.​


The last round of Basic Skills Tests occurs right after Thanksgiving.

  • The first round is on Monday November 28 and Tuesday November 29.
  • The second round is on Wednesday and Thursday of the following week, the first two days of finals!


THANKSGIVING BREAK: November 21 to November 25

Week 15:

Tuesday November 29:

  • Quiz 11 on Section 6.2
  • Some recap of Section 6.6A
  • Section 6.6B: word problems with inverse trig functions and SOHCAHTOA


Thursday December 1:

  • Last day of the course!
  • Go over some problems on WQ 7 (the last WQ).
  • Some miscellaneous review of the course
    • There's a Practice Final on WebAssign that you can try! (It doesn't count towards your final grade.)


As of November 7, 2016, we have finalized details for the final exam of this course.

It is a mass exam, so all sections of Math 1113 will be taking their test at the same time: Thursday December 8, 2016, from 7pm to 10pm.

Our classes will hold their exam in Room 200A of the Geography / Geology building (building 1002).

As I am also teaching another course with a mass final exam at that same time, I will not be proctoring your final the whole time. There will be other proctors present, and I will move back and forth between my exam rooms as time and logistics allow. Any proctor there should be able to address any questions, hopefully.


Syllabus reminder about your final exam grade

According to the class policies outlined in the syllabus, your final grade in the course can be, at most, 4/3 of a grade better than your grade on the final exam!

  • For example, if you get a C on the final exam, the best you can do for your final course grade is a B+. If you fail the final exam, you can get a C- at best in the course.
  • Look at your review notes: at the end of the course, you have to be able to recall the main ideas and categorize problems effectively, rather than just drill exercises.
    • I especially recommend you go back through the past exams (in-class and basic skills): which topics or skills need more reinformcent?


Good luck!

Last updated: 11/27/2016