TTh: 12:30-1:45


Office Hours: Tuesday 1:50-2:50, Friday 1:15-2:15, and by appointment. 
Change: On Friday, April 6, my office hour will be moved to 2:30-3:30 due to meeting conflict. (I'll also have 15 minutes 1:15-1:30 if you'd like to stop by for a quick question.)


About Homework:

We'll use webwork along with some written problem sets.

Our webwork course page is:
Some problems require slope field/direction field analysis. Here's a plotter that may be helpful:


Your username is your myUGA id and your password is your 810 number.

For example:
Harry Dawg's email address is This means his WebWork username is hdawg.
Harry Dawg's student ID number is 8101234560. This means that his WebWork password is 810123456.

Unless specified, you have an unlimited number of tries for each problem. The assignments are not timed, but will need to be completed before the due date.
Each homework set can be converted into a .pdf file, and thus can then be printed. You do this by selecting the Homework Set, click "Download PDF or Tex Hardcopy for Current Set", then "Generate hardcopy.." at the bottom.

To use webwork off-campus, see VPN instructions 

Problem Sets: (part of your homework grade; expect about one per exam.)

  1. Problem Set 1 Due 2/06 at the beginning of class if you'd like feedback before exam 1; Otherwise, due on or before 2/13.
  2. Problem Set 2 Not required, but strongly suggested. We'll discuss your questions about the problem set in class on 3/20.
  3. Final Exam Review You should also look at problems from previous exams! Solutions!


  • Exam 1: (in class) Tuesday, 2/13. No graphing calculator! Scientific is fine.
  • Exam 2: (in class) Thursday, 3/22. No graphing calculator! Scientific is fine. 
  • Exam 3: (take home) get in class on Thursday, 4/19; Due at the beginning of class (or before), Tuesday, 4/24. No late exams will be accepted! 
  • Final,  Thursday, May 03, 12-3pm in our usual room: 322 Boyd. 

If you have a final exam conflict or three exams scheduled within a 24 hour period, here's the protocall to get things rescheduled:

Some Harmonic Oscillators..
Pendulum wave video
Sampling different frequencies: with hose, speaker, and tone generating software..
Here's what you can do with oscillations in higher dimensions.. Vibrating Plates
(To glance at the math involved, see Wiki - Vibration of plates. Note that we need partial differential equations to model this situation.)
Slow motion:  glass breaking under resonance