I regularly serve on M.A. and Ph.D. committees for students in Linguistics. In most cases, you should have taken a course with me before you ask me to serve on your committee, but if you are working on a topic that lies within my areas of expertise, you should feel free to set up a meeting with me to discuss your thesis or dissertation project. If you have a convincing plan for your research and I can make some meaningful contribution to your work, I will certainly consider being a member of your committee.

If you would like for me to serve as your major professor, you must have taken at least one course with me and you should meet with me as early as possible to discuss the possibility of our working together.

Be sure to consult the information on the Linguistics Program and Graduate School websites about degree requirements, deadlines, and paperwork.

If you are interested in doing a Directed Reading course with me (LING 9010), please e-mail me to schedule a meeting to discuss this.

Please be aware that faculty members are not paid during the summers, and that this is usually the only time that we have to travel to conduct our own research and to concentrate on writing. You should not expect us to be available in the summer for qualifying exams or thesis/dissertation defenses. If you anticipate that you will not be able to complete your degree requirements on schedule during the course of the fall or spring semester, you should discuss this with all of your committee members well in advance to see if a summer exam or defense date will be possible.