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Click this link to view the syllabus. Note that the daily schedule on the syllabus will not be updated; the updated schedule can be found below.


  • Required: Introduction to Proof, Ron Taylor, published by the Journal of Inquiry-Based Learning in Mathematics (Note: The paperback version is different, so use this PDF.)
  • Supplemental problem list, compiled by Dr. Royal: Royal problems
  • Recommended (buy one if you can): Mathematical Proofs: A Transition to Advanced Mathematics, 4th Edition, by Chartrand, Polimeni, and Zhang, ISBN 978-0-134-84047-5 Note: An old edition is fine; chapter numbers may be different.
  • Recommended: How to Think Like a Mathematician: A Companion to Undergraduate Mathematics, by Kevin Houston, ISBN 978-0-521-71978-0

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Tentative Assessment Schedule

Hand-in problems will be collected in class regularly. 

Quiz 1 - Wednesday, August 21, Chapter 1 (Click on "Quiz 1" to view the Quiz 1 study guide.)

Quiz 2 - Wednesday, August 28, Chapter 2

Exam 1 - Wednesday, September 11, covers Taylor Chapters 1-2 and inequalities. Here is a link to an old exam from my MATH 3200 course in Summer 2019, and here are the solutions. Here are the solutions to the Fall 2019 exam.

Quiz 3 - Wednesday, September 18, Chapter 3

Quiz 4 - Monday, October 7, Chapter 4

Exam 2 - Monday, October 21, Taylor Chapters 3-4. Here is a link to an old exam from Summer 2019.

Quiz 5 - Monday, October 28, Chapter 5 Part 1

Quiz 6 - Wednesday, November 13, Chapter 5 Part 2

Exam 3 - Friday, November 22, Taylor Chapter 5. Here is a link to a practice exam, and here are solutions.

Final Exam - Monday, December 9, from 8 a.m. to 11 a.m. (in our normal classroom)

Tentative Course Schedule

Here is our tentative schedule. I will send out pre-class problem assignments via eLC announcements.

Royal MATH 3200 Fall 2019 Daily Schedule
Wk Mth Date Day Pre-class reading: Taylor Topic FYI Extra reading: Chartrand Extra reading: Houston
1 Aug 12 M          
Aug 14 W   Sick Day - Royal out      
Aug 16 F   Course Intro; Statements      
2 Aug 19 M Ch 1 (All) Course Intro; Statements   Ch 2 Ch 2-4, 15-19
Aug 21 W   Course Intro; Statements Ch 1 Quiz    
Aug 23 F   Implications, Quantifiers      
3 Aug 26 M Ch 2 (All) Implications, Quantifiers   Ch 3-5 Ch 5-12
Aug 28 W   Proof Methods Ch 2 Quiz    
Aug 30 F   Proof Methods      
4 Sep 2 M   Holiday: Labor Day      
Sep 4 W Ch 3 (All) Proof Methods; Intro Induction   Ch 6-7 Ch 1, 20-22
Sep 6 F   Induction: Equality      
5 Sep 9 M   Review      
Sep 11 W   Exam 1: Ch 1-2 Exam 1    
Sep 13 F   Induction: Equality      
6 Sep 16 M   Induction: Inequality      
Sep 18 W   Exam 1 Reflection Ch 3 Quiz    
Sep 20 F   Induction: Inequality      
7 Sep 23 M   Even More Induction      
Sep 25 W   Even More Induction      
Sep 27 F   Strong Induction      
8 Sep 30 M   Strong Induction      
Oct 2 W 4.1-4.3 Sets and Venn Diagrams, Set Operations   Ch 1, 4.4, 4.5 Ch 1, 5
Oct 4 F   Sets and Venn Diagrams, Set Operations      
9 Oct 7 M 4.4-4.5 Set Operations, Set Product Ch 4 Quiz 4.6  
Oct 9 W   Set Operations, Set Product      
Oct 11 F   Set Product, Power Sets      
10 Oct 14 M   Set Product, Power Sets      
Oct 16 W 5.1-5.2 Relations, Equivalence Relations   Ch 9 Ch 1
Oct 18 F   Review      
11 Oct 21 M   Exam 2: Ch 3-4 Exam 2    
Oct 23 W   Relations, Equivalence Relations      
Oct 25 F   Relations, Equivalence Relations      
12 Oct 28 M   Relations, Equivalence Relations Ch 5 Pt 1 Quiz    
Oct 30 W 5.3 Order Relations, Functions   Ch 10 Ch 31
Nov 1 F   Holiday: Fall Break      
13 Nov  4 M   Order Relations, Functions      
Nov 6 W   Order Relations, Functions      
Nov 8 F   Order Relations, Functions      
14 Nov 11 M   Functions      
Nov 13 W   Functions Ch 5 Pt 2 Quiz    
Nov 15 F   Functions      
15 Nov 18 M   Functions      
Nov 20 W   Review      
Nov 22 F   Exam 3: Ch 5 Exam 3    
16 Nov 25 M   Course Review: Exam 1 Material      
Nov 27 W   Holiday: Thanksgiving      
Nov 29 F   Hoilday: Thanksgiving      
17 Dec 2 MON   Course Review: Exam 2 Material      
Dec 4 WED   Course Review: All (Friday Class), last day of classes      
Dec 5 THUR   Reading Day (no class)      
  Dec 17 TUES   Grades visible on Athena      


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