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Welcome to our MATH 1113 webpage! I'll use this webpage to post course information and updates.

Current Syllabi

MATH 1113 9:05 Class (Intensive, Monday thru Friday) Syllabus

MATH 1113 1:25 Class (MWF only) Syllabus


Here is a link to the departmental MATH 1113 webpage. It includes our testing schedule, WebAssign details, and lots of other helpful information:

If you are looking for extra help, please come to my office hours and/or use the free tutoring options available through UGA:

Past Syllabi

Spring 2016 Intensive (5 Days/Week) Royal Intensive MATH 1113 (MWF 12:20, TR 12:30)

Spring 2016 MWF class Royal MATH 1113 (MWF 2:30)