Photo of Jennifer Royal

Hello! My name is Dr. Jennifer Royal (she/her/hers). In class, I go by Dr. Royal or JR. I have enjoyed being a Lecturer in the Department of Mathematics since January 2016; in 2021 I became a Senior Lecturer. I love teaching math, and I enjoy getting to know my students. I received my Ph.D. from UGA, and I love UGA - Go Dawgs!

I am a lifelong learner; I feel happiest when I am learning something new. In Fall 2021, I began taking courses towards a Master of Science in Statistics. Being a part-time student also helps me connect with my students.

I work to create a welcoming environment for all of my students, and I recently completed the University's Certificate in Diversity and Inclusion. I have learned a lot from these courses already, and I plan to continue taking courses even though I've finished the certificate.

I am currently serving as the Calculus I Coordinator for the Department of Mathematics at UGA. Please contact me with any questions or concerns about the coordination of the course. If you have questions about a prerequisite override or other registration concerns, please contact Dr. Mike Usher or Ms. Amber Jacobs. 

For information on the courses I am currently teaching, see the links on the menu bar above. 



*photo credit: Caroline Singletary