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portrait latestPeter Jorgensen taught for 36 years, first at the University of California in Riverside, and subsequently at the University of Georgia. He has taught a wide variety of courses at both the graduate and undergraduate levels, from Indo-European and Germanic linguistics to the literature and mythology of the older Germanic language areas.

At the University of Georgia he received a variety of awards for teaching and research, played an active role in the training of the most qualified undergraduates applying for national awards (e.g. Rhodes, Marshall, Fulbright, Goldwater scholarships), and served for twelve years as the Director of the Foundation Fellows Program, the university's premier, undergraduate scholarship and enrichment program. He served for 23 years as teacher and Assistant Director for the University of New Orleans Summer School Program in Innsbruck, Austria.

His research has taken him to Iceland, Denmark and Austria on numerous occasions, and his wide-ranging fields of research have included the identification and editing of medieval Icelandic manuscripts (esp. the exempla translated from Middle English and Latin), the Bear's Son Folktale in Old Norse and Old English literature, the medieval German manuscripts of the pilgrimage of Arnold von Harff, computer-based instruction in German, the editing and translating of Old Icelandic sagas, 18th-century saga forgeries, and the linguistic classification of loanwords.