Statistics SeminarĀ 

I have included here the course syllabus and a schedule of colloquia and Tuesday research talks. Most items are available in both postscript (.ps) format and Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) format. PostScript files are viewable with a PostScript interpretter such as Ghostscript, which you may or may not have available to you if you're viewing this page from a university computer. Even if you do not have access to a PostScript viewer, you can save a .ps file to the computer on which you're working and then print it by sending the file to a PostScript printer. The .pdf files may be viewed and portions printed from Acroread, Adobe's Acrobat reader. This is probably the best option for most of you, and it should be available on any computer that lives in a UGA UCNS computer lab.

Course Syllabus (postscript format)

Course Syllabus (pdf format)

Dr. Hall's slides can be found here in PostScript format or here in .pdf format Two plots that go with the slides from Dr. Hall's talk can be found here, and here (both in PostScript format).