Design of Experiments for Research Workers 

I have included here the course syllabus, lecture notes, homework solutions, etc. Most items are available in Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) format. This page will be updated frequently throughout the term, so some back often to check for new material. If I forget to post something that you think should be up here by now, just e-mail a reminder to me at

Course Syllabus (pdf format)

A list of some useful online resources for our class.

Lecture Notes:

Miscellaneous SAS files discussed in the notes:

*Each SAS file listed here is accompanied by a file containing the corresponding SAS output. In many cases these are .lst files, which are just plain text files of raw SAS output. In cases where the output includes high respolution graphs, though, I have combined the graphical and text output into a pdf file and included that instead of the .lst output file.

Homeworks and Homework Solutions:

Labs and Lab Solutions:

  • Lab #11 (pdf format)
    • Files needed for Lab #11:
    • Lab #11 Solution (pdf format)
      • Files needed for Lab #11 Solution:
        • steel.lst


Exams and Exam Solutions:

Here is a final from a previous offering of this course. I offer this to give you some practice that might be helpful in preparing fo rthe final exam. Note, however, that the way I taught the course this semester isn't exactly the same as in previous years. This sample final is a bit more computationally oriented and asks questions somewhat differently than I would this semester. In additon, note that question 1 is entirely irrelevant as it deals with a repeated measures design, which we did not have time to cover this semester. Nevertheless, you may find this sampe final somewhat useful. Just don't assume that your final will look quite like this!