The Di Iorio Group:


The Leadership:


Daniela Di Iorio has worked in the field of physical oceanography for over 24 years. She has been faculty at University of Georgia (UGA) for 16 years. During her time as faculty she has mentored, or supported, ~32 undergraduates, master students, teacher participation, and staff. Her research focus as an oceanographer is incredibly diverse, she has been, or is currently involved in research in these areas: modeling, estuarine, coastal and shelf circulation processes, deep see circulations, hydrothermal vent and natural methane and oil seep flows and thier turbulent properties.

She specializes in acoustic instrumentation in both coastal and deep sea settings. Daniela is unique among oceanographers in that she owns (acquired upon graduating with her Ph.D) a specially designed acoustic instrument that uses forward scatter principles to measure turbulence in the water column, this data can be used to acquire information of the water properties in the ocean.

Daniela is dedicated to quality science and leads a successful and productive team of staff and students. She is a relentless editor according to her students and she is a trained classical violinist and is an avid bicyclist.



Postdoctoral Researcher:


Mahdi Razaz is a Postdoctoral Researcher who joined the Di Iorio group in September 2016. His education includes a BS in Civil Engineering, a MS in Hydraulic Structures from Ferdowsi University, and a Ph.D. in Civil and Environmental Engineering from Hiroshima University in 2010. He worked as a Postdoc Researcher in Japan for 4 years, then in Canada for 2 years. From 2007 to present he has focused on hydro-acoustic research, specializing in development and the application of acoustic instruments (for both forward and backscatter applications) such as Fluvial Acoustic Tomography (a travel-time instrument) and SwathDopp (a pulse-coherent multi-beam bi-static sonar). His work here at UGA will focus on our Gulf of Mexico research, which includes analyzing various acoustic data, modeling, and developing the theory and application of forward scatter acoustics applied to naturally occurring methane seeps.

Aside from his research activities, Mahdi enjoys kayaking and gardening.






James Kelly is an Oceanographic Research Assistant. He joined the Di Iorio group in May 2016. He graduated with his BS from OSU in Physics in 2010, and graduated with his MS in Physical Oceanography in 2015 from UAF. He contributes to all aspects of research projects including: data analysis, instrument setup and deployment, logistics, purchasing, permitting, and many other things that Daniela does not have time for.

James enjoys being alive, and loves this American ride.




Current Students:



Ian Adams is a Ph.D student working on a degree in Marine Science. He joined the Di Iorio group in 2014. He graduated from Birmingham Southern College with his undergraduate in Physics. His Ph.D project consists of creating a 3D hydrodynamic model of hydrothermal vent plumes to better define their interaction with the local ocean near the Juan de Fuca Ridge study site. He expects to graduate in 2018.

In addition to his research, Ian is an avid martial artist, practicing kendo swordsmanship.



Past Support Personnel:


Trent Moore (SkIO) dives to the seafloor in the DSV Alvin to make measurements of hydrothermal plumes. Trent is a very experienced oceanographic techichian, he has been a big help to the Di Iorio Group over many years. Trent retired in Summer 2016.