detail from Hargrett Library MS 836At the undergraduate level, I teach a range of Middle English course (most commonly ENGL 4230, Medieval Literature; ENGL 4240, Chaucer; ENGL 4270, Medieval Romance) as well as the British Literature to 1700 survey (ENGL 2310 or 2350H) and Women in Literature (ENGL 3300).

For Mentees

Mentoring in the English Department is a separate step from advising. Your advisor makes sure that you are meeting all university and Franklin College requirements, and that you're on track to graduate in a timely fashion. They're the ones to ask about requirements and problems at the university and college level. Your mentor is a department faculty member assigned to you once you have declared as an English major.

For Former Students and Letter-of-Rec Seekers

If you're a former student, do stay in touch! All of us in the department like to know what you've gotten up to after you've left Park Hall. Don't forget that the Park Hall Monitor (available on the department's home page) can help you keep up-to-date with department events and kudos.

If you're coming back to my webspage, though, odds are it's because you're wanting a letter of recommendation from me. So if that's what you need, here's what you should do:

Prospective Students

Rumors fly fast around any department, and if you're enrolled (or thinking about enrolling) in one of my classes, I presume that you've gotten whatever scuttlebutt there might be on me. So let me give you some of my expectations and presuppositions for you to triangulate against that scuttlebutt.