Chaucer Print Resources

Most of the time, you can accomplish the necessary research for an undergraduate Chaucer paper via the scholarly Chaucer Online resources I've suggested. For some kinds of research exploration, however, and for more advanced undergraduate or graduate-level essays, you may need to consult some of the major print resources. This is not an exhausive list of possible resources, just a place for you to begin.


I have gathered here a wide array of resources -- mostly digital, but some crucial print ones -- for the study of Middle English culture, language, and literature. Although students are my primary audience (I assign material from many of these websites in my courses), I also use these pages as a repository for the increasing number of excellent scholarly websites, especially but not exclusively digital editions, online indices and databases, and manuscript facsimiles. These pages are therefore constantly under construction, as I continue to add (and sometimes remove) content.

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