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In the spring of 2010, a group of my Chaucer students convinced me that they could make a film of Chaucer's "Legend of Dido" from his Legends of Good Women that would be an interpretively sophisticated engagement with Chaucer's poetry, his encounter with his classical sources, and his narrative techniques. Against all odds, they succeeded admirably; below, you can not only view the film's two tracks, but you can also click through to a Viewer's Guide to the films (for those of you not familiar with the LGW) and read a professorial apologia I wrote as a kind of "comments" to the students themselves as well as a justification for this kind of creative academic work.

A Viewer's Guide

"Choose Your Own Chaucerfilm tracks

In the original DVD, the viewer was prompted at the end of each scene to choose either the Dido perspective or the Aeneas perspective. Because YouTube can't support that kind of choice, you'll have to watch both and imagine the effect of switching between narrative threads. You'll want to view the Dido track first, as that's where the prefatory material is housed.

Dido Track


Aeneas Track


A Professorial Apologia

This is a legacy post from my earlier faculty website