christofChristof Meile


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Kadir Bice

Ph.D. student

M.S. in Earth System Science 2018 - Middle East Technical University, Turkey

M.S. in Industrial Engineering 2017 - Middle East Technical University, Turkey

B.S. in Industrial Engineering 2008 - Bilkent University, Turkey

Research topic: Coastal Biogeochemistry


Olivia Komoroski

M.S. student

B.S. in Marine Sciences, Minor in Applied Mathematics 2020 - Savannah State University

Research topic: Alkalization of estuarine sediments for calcifying organisms




Kyle Craig

M.S. student

B.S. in Biology 2019 - University of Georgia

Research topic: Modeling microbial processes




Shahram Asgari

M.S. student

M.S. in Water Resources Engineering 2015 - University of Tabriz, Iran

B.S. in Civil Engineering 2012 - University of Tabriz, Iran

Research topic: Modeling microbial processes


Former Lab Members & Guests


Heewon Jung (Assistant Prof, Geological Sciences, Chungnam National University)

Postdoctoral Fellow - Pore-scale reactive transport modeling

Ph.D. in Hydrology 2017, Colorado School of Mines

M.S. in Environmental Engineering 2014, Korea University, South Korea

B.S. in Earth Sciences 2011, Korea University, South Korea



Xiaojia He (linkedin)

Ph.D. 2020 - Modeling of microbial extracellular electron transport

M.S. in Environmental Science 2014 - Jackson State University

B.E. in Bioengineering 2011 - Ocean University of China



Jurjen Rooze (linkedin)

Ph.D. 2020 - The role of advection in early diagenesis

M.S. in Geochemistry 2013 - Utrecht University, NL

B.S. in Earth Science 2011 - Stenden University, NL


John KolbJohn Kolb (linkedin)

Undergraduate researcher - Saltmarsh heat dynamics

B.S in Biology 2020




Vincent Sionneau (linkedin)

Intern as part of his studies at ENGEES (Strasbourg, France) - 2019

Research topic: Iron redox cycle in a humid tropical forest soil and impact of organic matter on iron mineral transformation (w. Aaron Thompson)



David Miklesh

Ph.D. 2018 - Vegetation patterns and pore water salinity in tidal marshes

B.S. in Physics 2011 - University of Minnesota-Duluth




Yu Wang (linkedin)

M.S. 2018 - Sediment resuspension in the Gulf of Mexico

B.S. in Oceanography 2015 - Nanjing University, China



abbyAbby Pinaud

Undergraduate researcher - Heat transfer in salt marsh sediments

B.S. in Biology 2018




Paul Roland (moved to University de Bretagne Occidentale; currently at SAIPEM as an R&D process Engineer; linkedin)

Intern as part of his studies at ENGEES (Strasbourg, France)

Research topic: Modeling of near-seafloor dissolved gas distribution at GC600, Gulf of Mexico



Yimeng Shi (linkedin; also check our her place in the sky!)

B.S. 2016 in Mathematics & Statistics - UGA

Undergraduate research topic: Anaerobic oxidation of methane



dornhofferTommy Dornhoffer (now at BASIS Independent Silicon Valley; linkedin)

Ph.D. 2015 in Marine Sciences - The benthos and nutrient cycling: Insights from multi scale analysis

B.S. 2009 in Biology - Hendrix College



ledouxJonathan Ledoux (linkedin)

M.S. 2015 in Marine Sciences - Drivers of groundwater flow at the Georgia coast

B.S. 2011 in Marine Sciences - Coastal Carolina University



maggieMaggie Esch (linkedin)

Ph.D. student - Carbon cycling and flow dynamics in salt marshes

M.S. 2011 in Environmental Science, Western Washington University

B.S. 2007 in Biological Sciences, University of Pittsburgh


ericEric King (moved to Lawrence Berkeley National Lab)

Ph.D. 2013 in Marine Sciences - Microbial metabolism in reaction transport models

M.S. 2006 in Environmental and Biological Sciences, Georgia College & State U.

B.S. 2004 in Molecular and Cellular Biology, U. Illinois at Urbana/Champaign


kathyKathy Loftis (moved to the Center for Applied Isotope Studies at UGA)

Ph.D. 2013 in Marine Sciences (with M. Sun) - Organic carbon dynamics in coastal sediments

B.S. 2005 in Chemistry, Florida International University



benBen Larson (linkedin)

Postdoctoral Fellow - Reactive transport modeling of hydrothermal vents

Ph.D. 2008 in Chemical Oceanography, University of Washington

B.S. 1999 in Chemistry, Ohio State University


priyaSivapriya Kaza (linkedin)

M.S. 2012 in Artificial Intelligence - Quantification of bioirrigation using image analysis

B.Tech 2009 in Electrical and Electronics Engineering, JNTU, India



mathildeMathilde Hagens (now at Wageningen University; linkedin)

M.S. 2010 in Geochemistry - Intertidal hotspots in salt marshes

B.S. 2008 in Earth Sciences, Utrecht University



Bill Porubsky (now at Algenol Inc.)

Ph.D. 2008 in Marine Sciences (major adivsor S. Joye) - Biogeochemical dynamics in coastal sediments and shallow aquifers

Beth Orcutt (now at Bigelow)

Ph.D. 2007 in Marine Sciences (major advisor S. Joye) - Anaerobic oxidation of methane in cold seeps and gas hydrates

Lanny Miller (now at Algenol Inc.)

Postdoctoral Fellow - simulations of small scale heterogeneity of flow and microbial substrates in porous media

Carlos Lopez-Maisonave

Analysis of high resolution image data to quantify the effect of burrowing organisms on early diagenesis

Matteo Kausch (visitor from UC Berkeley, Pallud Lab)

Modeling iron transformation in soil aggregates