I encourage current students (or potential students) to contact me with any questions they might have regarding my courses. Also, I'm happy to send a syllabus for any of the courses listed here. For current students, I recommend that you contact me via the UGA eLearning Commons.


  1. Freshman Seminar: Language in Society (Undergraduate)
  2. First Year Odyssey Seminar: Endangered Voices (Undergraduate)
  3. First Year Odyssey Seminar: A Beginner’s Guide to Romance (Undergraduate)
  4. Elementary Quechua Language and Culture I & II (QUEC 1001 & 1002)
  5. Sociolinguistics (LING 4860)
  6. Spanish in the US: Social and Linguistic Dimensions (ROML 4030/LING 4910)
  7. Introduction to Spanish Linguistics (SPAN 3050)
  8. Practicum in Service Learning (SPAN 4090)
  9. Spanish Phonetics (SPAN 4650)
  10. Spanish Dialectology and Sociolinguistics (SPAN 4652)


  1. Sociolinguistics (SPAN 6450/LING 6860)
  2. Current Methods in Sociolinguistics (ROML 8000)
  3. Discourse Markers (SPAN 8010)
  4. Topics in Grammaticalization (SPAN 8010)
  5. Variation and Sociolinguistics in Spanish (SPAN 6450)
  6. Spanish Syntax and Morphology (SPAN 6750)
  7. Spanish Semantics and Pragmatics (SPAN 6950)