If you’re interested in working with me, please take a look at my current Advisee Guide. This document is intended to provide some useful guidance in the process of completing your graduate requirements. It’s also a bit out of date so please contact me if you have any questions.

NOTE: Before you consider asking me to work with you as a major professor, please keep a few things in mind. First, you need to have taken at least one course with me in order for me to consider serving as your major professor. Second, unless you are working on something related to my current research, I will not be able to serve as a your major professor.

Important Information

Current Advisees:

  • Bethany Bateman (PhD, Romance Languages), Areas of Research: Sociolinguistics, Spanish/Quechua Contact

  • Sarah Bigger (PhD, Romance Languages), Areas of Research: Sociolinguistics, Spanish/Quechua Contact

  • Andrew Bray (PhD, Linguistics), Areas of Research: Sociolinguistics, language use among hockey players

  • Madeline Critchfield (PhD, Romance Languages), Areas of Research: Areas of Research: Sociolinguistics, Spanish/Miskitu Contact

  • Rachel Kim (PhD, Linguistics), Areas of Research: Sociolinguistics, perception of US dialects by L2 speakers of English

  • Camila Livio Emidio (PhD, Romance Languages), Areas of Research: Sociolinguistics, language variation, grammaticalization in Portuguese

  • Shannon Rodríguez (PhD, Linguistics), Areas of Research: Sociolinguistics, Spanish in the US

  • Joseph "Joey" Stanley (PhD, Linguistics), Areas of Research: sociolinguistics, vowel variation in Ameri


Former Advisees:

(To find a copy of a thesis or dissertation, go to the UGA repository and search by the author's name.)

  • Mohammad Al Jutaily (PhD, Linguistics), Dissertation Title: The influence of linguistic and non-linguistic factors on the variation of Arabic marked consonants in the speech of Gulf Pidgin Arabic (2018; Assistant Professor at Qassim University)

  • Ryan Dekker (MA, Linguistics), Thesis Title: Income Effects on a Speech Community: Oconee County within Northeastern Georgia (2018)

  • Philip Limerick (PhD, Romance Languages), Dissertation Title: Subject expression in a Southeastern U.S. Mexican Community (2018)

  • Shannon McDonough (MA, Romance Languages), Thesis Title: La gramaticalización de la estructura (NO) IMPORTAR + MINIMIZADOR; La negación y las palabras tabúes en español (2018)

  • Jessica Tiegs (MA, Romance Languages), Thesis Title: Language variation and grammaticalization: The case of estar + que in Northern Peru (2018)

  • Joshua Hummel (MA, Linguistics), Thesis Title: Conflict’s connotation: a study of protest and riot in contemporary news media (2017)

  • Christa Rampley (MA, Linguistics), Thesis Title:  Ratchet: An etymological origin and social dispersion theory (2017)

  • Inma Garnes (PhD, Romance Languages), Dissertation Title: Marcadores conversacionales como origen de intensificadores en el español peninsular: la gramaticalización de venga (2016; Profesora Asociada, Universitat de Valènci

  • Sarah Hubbel (MA, Romance Languages), Thesis Title: Acquiring Quechua mid vowels: L1 English L2 Spanish Third Language Acquisition in a Study Abroad Context  (2016)

  • Bethany Bateman (MA, Romance Languages), Thesis Title: Reportative evidentiality in Wounaan meu-Spanish bilinguals: A comparative examination of dice(n) que (2015)

  • Lamar Graham (PhD, Romance Languages), Dissertation Title: The history of the future: Morphophonology, syntax, and grammaticalization (2015; Assistant Professor at the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill)

  • Minh Nguyen (Linguistics Major, CURO), Honors Thesis Title: A #whitewashed landscape: internalized racism, linguistic discrimination, and the policing of ethnic identity on Twitter (2015; PhD Student in Linguistics at Georgetown University)

  • Martín Ocón Gamarra (PhD, Romance Languages), Dissertation Title: Non-contact versus contact induced language change: The case of Andean pues (2015; Assistant Professor (Teaching)  in the Department of Spanish and Portuguese at the University of Southern California)

  • Philip Limerick (MA, Romance Languages), Thesis Title: Spanish subject expression in Roswell, Georgia: Dialect formation in an emerging bilingual community (2014)

  • Kristen Fredriksen (MA, Linguistics), Thesis Title: Constraints on perfect auxiliary contraction: Evidence from spoken American English (2012)

  • Allison Wachter (MA, Linguistics), Thesis Title: Semantic Prosody and Intensifier Variation in Academic Speech (2012)

  • Kerry Steinberg (MA, Romance Languages), Thesis Title: Language Use, Language Attitudes and Mobility: The Case of the Rural and Urban Areas of Coronel Oviedo, Paraguay (2011)

  • Laura Greifner (MA, Linguistics), Thesis Title: Negative Connotations in Adjectives versus Nouns: The Test Case of Poor (2009)

  • Javier Lluch Latorre (MA, Romance Languages), Thesis Title: La pragmática de la entonación en el discurso político (2008) 

  • William Pennington (MA, Romance Languages), Thesis Title: Split antecedents and pronominal expressions in Spanish (2008)

  • Ninosca Pérez Minchola (MA, Romance Languages, Thesis Title: El rol de la cortesía en entrevistas políticas conflictivas en la televisión peruana (2007)

  • Anne Rutter Sekanina (MA, Romance Languages), Thesis Title: Address form selection amongst urban Spanish youth: The influence of the Cheli sociolect (2007)