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I am an Associate Professor of Spanish Linguistics with a joint appointment in the Department of Romance Languages and the Department of Linguistics at the University of Georgia. I am also faculty in the Latin American and Caribbean Studies Institute where I serve as the coordinator for the Quechua Language Program.

My principle area of research is language variation and change, primarily focusing on structural phenomena in the Romance Languages. More generally, I investigate the forces that shape language use and the subsequent effect that these forces have on how language evolves. The most recent extension of this research involves analyzed data from social media for evidence of language change. I am also involved in work related to Spanish/Quechua contact.

Below are some of my current (and recent) projects. For a full description of these projects, go to my research page, which also includes recent/forthcoming publications and presentations. For news regarding current research, teaching, graduate student goings-on, and other follies, please check out my Twitter feed (@ChoweAthens)

Some Current Projects:

  1. Grammaticalization and language change in Romance Languages
  2. Language variation and change in social media
  3. Incipient Language Shift in a Southern Latino Community
  4. Indigenous Languages in Latin America: Contact, Shift, and Maintenance