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Jul. 18: Syllabus will be posted before the first day of class (Aug. 14). Course text will be: 

  • A First Course in Combinatorial Mathematics (2nd Edition) by Ian Anderson

Aug. 14: No class Mon. Aug. 21. Once-in-a-lifetime chance to see a total solar eclipse!

Aug. 15: I just created a discussion forum for this course on Piazza. If you want to participate, you can sign up, using your UGA email account, at .

Aug. 20: Asst. 2 problem III is supposed to be from Sec. 2.1, not (the non-existent) Sec. 1.3. The assignment PDF has been corrected. Thanks to alert Grace Ratliff for pointing this out!

Sep. 29: Starting Mon. Oct. 2, my Monday office hour will be moved from 9-10 am to Mon. 2:25-3:25 pm. (The vote in the two classes was 13-12 for moving the Monday office hour, and 19-7 for keeping the Friday office hour.)

Oct. 5: Test 1 (Wed. Oct. 11) covers Chap. 1-4 (plus extra material covered in class, such as permutation cycle structure).

Dec. 4: Office hour during finals: Mon. Dec. 11, 9:30-11:30 AM. Will focus on MATH 3000 9:30-10:30, MATH 4670 10:30-11:30.


Homework is due at the beginning of class. Problems are from the text unless specified otherwise. I prefer homework stapled in the upper left corner and not folded. Your write-ups must be your own work.


Assignment Due Date
Asst. 1 Fri. Aug. 18
Asst. 2 Fri. Aug. 25
Asst. 3 Fri. Sep. 1
Asst. 4 Fri. Sep. 8
Asst. 5 Fri. Sep. 15
Asst. 6 Fri. Sep. 22
Asst. 7 Fri. Sep. 29
Asst. 8 Fri. Oct. 6
Asst. 9 Fri. Oct. 20
Asst. 10 Mon. Oct. 30
Asst. 11 Fri. Nov. 10
Asst. 12 Fri. Nov. 17
Asst. 13 Fri. Dec. 1


Course Syllabus

Piazza forum for MATH 4670

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