Dec. 17: I will rely on the following two textbooks:

  • Linear Algebra, 2nd ed., Kenneth Hoffman & Ray Kunze
  • Linear Algebra, Giorgi E. Shilov

The book by Hoffman & Kunze is supposedly out of print (according to the publisher), and will not be available at the UGA Bookstore. However, the 2015 Pearson edition (printed in Asia) is available in paperback from Amazon for $19.50. Likewise the Dover paperback edition of Shilov is available from Amazon for $16.67 (both as of 12/17/18). I strongly suggest you purchase both, since I will refer to each of them for significant amounts of the course material, and I will be assigning homework from both books throughout the semester.

Feb. 21: The midterm on Mar. 1 will encompass the material we've covered through the end of Hoffman-Kunze Section 8.3 (lectures through Wed. Feb. 20).


Homework will be due at the beginning of class. I prefer homework stapled in the upper left corner and not folded. Your write-ups must be your own work. Hand in Core and Advanced problems separately (two separate piles).


Assignment Due Date
Asst. 1 Jan. 18
Asst. 2 Jan. 25
Asst. 3 Feb. 1
Asst. 4 Feb. 8
Asst. 5 Feb. 15
Asst. 6 Feb. 22
Asst. 7 Mar. 8
Asst. 8 Mar. 22
Asst. 9 Mar. 29
Asst. 10 Apr. 5
Asst. 11 Apr. 12
Asst. 12 Apr. 19
Asst. 13 Mon. Apr. 29


6x6 Jordan form example (Mathematica notebook)

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