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Dec. 18: Syllabus will be has been posted before the first day of class (Jan. 5). Course text will be:

  • Abstract Algebra: A Geometric Approach, by Theodore Shifrin

Jan. 8: Assignment 1 due date postponed to Wed. Jan. 17 due to class cancellation on Mon. Jan. 8 and MLK holiday.

Jan. 8: Office hour today canceled due to weather.

Jan. 17: Assignment 1 due date postponed (again) to Fri. Jan. 19 due to UGA closure today. Advanced problems will be due at the same time.

Jan. 22: Monday office hours changed to 1:15-2:15 from now on (starting today).

Feb. 13: Test 1 Mon. Feb. 19 will cover sections 6.1-6.4 and 7.1.

Mar. 29: Test 2 Wed. Apr. 4 will cover sections 7.2-7.5 (but not the classification of isometries of R^3).

Apr. 5: The advanced problem from Asst. 11 has been moved to Asst. 12 (now due Fri. Apr. 20).


Homework is due at the beginning of class. Problems are from the text unless specified otherwise. I prefer homework stapled in the upper left corner and not folded. Your write-ups must be your own work. Hand in Core and Advanced problems separately (two separate piles)

Assignment Due Date
Asst. 1 Fri. Jan. 19
Asst. 2 Fri. Jan. 26
Asst. 3 Fri. Feb. 2
Asst. 4 Fri. Feb. 9
Asst. 5 Fri. Feb. 16
Asst. 6 Fri. Feb. 23
Asst. 7 Fri. Mar. 2
Asst. 8 Fri. Mar. 9
Asst. 9 Fri. Mar. 23
Asst. 10 Fri. Mar. 30
Asst. 11 Fri. Apr. 6
Asst. 12 Fri. Apr. 13
Asst. 13 Fri. Apr. 20
Asst. 14 Wed. Apr. 25


Course Syllabus

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