My teaching philosophy is guided by engaging students, building conceptual knowledge and practical skills, and taking care to address different personalities and learning styles. I have used two key ways to craft a productive learning environment: by creating engaged learning activities and integrating research projects into course curricula.

Engaged Learning Activities

Engaged Learning Activities

I take great interest in making the classroom an engaged learning environment.  In smaller classrooms I accomplish this with hands-on learning via laboratory sections (such as in ANTH4300 Ethnobotany), or in larger classrooms with team-based learning (such as in the 300-seater ANTH1102 Introduction to Anthropology).  I make a concerted effort to design assignments that will get students out into the world, by visiting environmental sustainability activities in the Athens community, studying food traditions of family members or host families, or building a genealogy of prominent anthropological theorists.  (Photo: Spring 2013 Ethnobotany students beginning their paper making lab.)

Research Projects

Research ProjectsI have found research projects to be effective means for students to learn about anthropological theory, use research methods, write a research article, and communicate results.  I frequently incorporate human subjects approved research into courses, to allow students to do participant observation in local multicultural setting, conduct interviews on ethnobotanical topics of interest, and use mixed methods to study flea market culture.  For my new Green Culture course I will use digital learning portfolios to facilitate students peer review and submission of multiple revised project documents. (Photo: Spring 2013 Methods in Social Anthropology graduate students doing participation observation at the J & J Flea Market. Photo by J.DeMoss)


Graduate Courses

  • ANTH6300 Ethnobotany (with lab)
  • ANTH6520 History of Social Theory
  • ANTH6620 Methods in Social Anthropology
  • ANTH6900 Anthropology of Landscape (with GIS lab)
  • ANTH8040 Dissertation Writing
  • ANTH8755 Runk Lab

Undergraduate Courses

  • ANTH1102 Introduction to Anthropology
  • ANTH2120H Introduction to Anthropology - Honors
  • ANTH3541 Anthropology of Eating
  • ANTH4300 Ethnobotany (with lab)
  • ANTH4400 Green Culture (with lab)
  • ANTH4900 Anthropology of Landscape (with GIS lab)