Dr. Julie Velásquez Runk


I ground my work in community-based collaborative research, using integrative approaches to how people use and manage their landscapes, how that relates to conservation, indigenous knowledge, and policy, and how people cope with variability and change.  Drawing on more-than-human approaches, political ecology, and science and technology studies, I explore how cultural, political, and material relationships come together, entwine, and generate effects.  My investigations contribute to three key areas of understanding for human – environment relations and cultural anthropology: 1) how to conserve and govern environments in culturally sensitive ways; 2) how indigenous populations maintain their identity and advocate for their rights in spite of tremendous change; 3) and how to make science more collaborative, via processes that build theory and incorporate multiple voices.  I use my background in ecology and conservation practice to build work that is conversant in the humanities and natural and social sciences, and that is relevant to local communities and practitioners