FREN 3010(H): French Conversation and Composition (Honors)

FREN 3020: Advanced French Conversation and Composition

FREN 4080: Contemporary French and Francophone Autobiography

FREN 4080: Francophone récits d'enfance

FREN 4120/6120: Filming Displacement: Europeans in Africa and Africans in Europe (Undergraduate/Graduate)

FREN 4120/6120: World Literature in French (Undergraduate/Graduate)

FREN 4170: Francophone Film, Literature, and Culture

FREN 6200: The Sub-Saharan African Novel in French (Graduate)

FREN 8180: Postcolonial Theory (Graduate)

FREN 8700: Historical Novels and Films in Francophone Africa (Graduate)

FREN 8700: Francophone Literature, Cinema, and Theory: From Anticolonial to Postcolonial (Graduate)

FREN 8700: Postcolonial Paris (Graduate)