In general, the elastic flow of curves does not preserve the isotopy type of the initial configuration. Regularizing the bending energy by a small factor of a self-avoiding functional leads to situations close to self-contact. In order to avoid technical issues, we replace ropelength by a smooth functional.

Tangent-point potential

The tangent-point potential has been introduced by Gonzalez and Maddocks [GM] and investigated by Strzelecki and von der Mosel [SvdM]. It amounts to \[ \mathrm{TP}(\gamma) = \frac1{2^{q}q}\iint\limits_{\mathbb{R}/\mathbb{Z}\times\mathbb{R}/\mathbb{Z}} \frac{\mathrm d x\,\mathrm d y}{\mathbf{r}_{\gamma}(x,y)^q}, \qquad q>2, \] where \(\mathbf{r}(x,y)\in[0,\infty]\) denotes the radius of the circle passing through \(\gamma(x)\) and \(\gamma(y)\) and being tangent to \(\gamma\) at \(\gamma(y)\). Numerically relevant is the fact that it involves only two integrations and that its derivative has an \(L^1\) integrand [BlR].

Numerical simulation

The discretization of \(\mathrm{TP}\) including error estimates has been derived in [BRR].

In [BaR] we consider a numerical scheme for the \(H^2\) flow and derive a stability result. The latter is based on estimates for the second derivative of \(\mathrm{TP}\) and a uniform bi-Lipschitz radius.

Experiments like the simulation shown on this page indicate a complex energy landscape.




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