At UGA I have taught Elementary Differential Equations (departmental syllabus) and a graduate course in Combinatorial Number Theory.

At the University of Rochester I taught the following courses (information here).

  • MTH 141: Calculus I
  • MTH 150: Discrete Mathematics
  • MTH 161: Calculus IA
  • MTH 164: Multidimensional Calculus
  • MTH 165: Linear Algebra with Differential Equations
  • MTH 201: Introduction to Probability
  • MTH 235: Linear Algebra
  • MTH 236: Introduction to Algebra I
  • MTH 236: Combinatorics
  • MTH 246: Logic and Set Theory

Even before that I supervised more or less all pure and some applied courses offered in the first two years of the Cambridge Mathematical Tripos.