Spring 2018 Events:


Sunday, 2/18, 5pm

SEACC Concert
Dancz Hall

Saturday, 3/3 10am

Panel Discussion featuring conductors H. Robert Reynolds, Cindi Johnston-Turner, and composers Xi Wang, and Joel Love
Friday 3/23

Panel Chat with Robert Spano and the Selected Composers 12:30 - 1:15 in Edge Hall 

Reading Session with the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra 1:30 - 4PM in Hodgson Hall 

Post-reading session Q+A with Robert Spano and SCA 4:15 - 5PM in Dancz Hall 

Thursday, 03/29, 5pm

Departure Duo Recital

Dancz Hall

Friday, 03/30, 5pm

Nathan Trivers Recital

Dancz Hall

Friday, 03/30, 7pm

Nois Saxophone Quartet

Dancz Hall

Tuesday, 04/10, 6:30pm

Saxophone/Composition Collaborative Studio Recital

Ciné in Athens, GA

Wednesday 4/11, 1:25pm

Piano Studio Listening Party

Dancz Hall

Wednesday, 04/11, 5pm

SCA Recital

Dancz Hall

Thursday, 04/12, 5pm

Nikolos Bacote Recital

Dancz Hall

Friday, 04/13, 3:35pm

Repertory Singers Recital

Ramsey Hall

Monday, 4/16, 6:30pm

Daniel Phipps Recital

Dancz Hall

Thursday 4/19, 5pm

Nicholas Gambino Recital

Dancz Hall

4/24 8pm

Rote Hund Muzik: Fresh Inked 

Ramsey Hall

4/25 5pm
Piano Recital: George Crumb's Makrokosmos

Dancz Hall

4/27 1pm
Interactive Music final presentations

Dancz Hall

Tuesday  5/1, 5:30pm

Screening of Documentaries by Intro to Composition and Documentary Production students

Special Collections Library Auditorium


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