Apaçi: A Refugee Story

Written by UGA student composer Badie Khalegian.

Apaci: A Refugee Story is about Basir Khamooshi, his wife, Noura, and their young daughter, Nila, who have been stuck in Turkey as religious refugees, and cannot come to US to join the rest of their family due to the recently imposed Muslim ban, even though they are Baha’i and they left Iran as a consequence of religious persecution by Iranian government. Basir used to be a professional classical cello performer in Iran, but now he works in a wood factory in wood cutting. This documentary is produced to share their story as an example and change the idea of refugees being a treat. We expect to open a new conversation about immigration, refugees, and refugee rights.



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New compositions by UGA student composers inspired by and premiered alongside paintings at the Georgia Museum of Art. September 22, 2016.
YouTube Playlist includes works by Badie Khaleghian, Rachel Elizabeth Matthews, Jason Abraham, Kathryn Koopman, Hanna Lisa Stefansson, Monique Osorio, and Nathan Trivers.


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