In Spring 2020 I am teaching LING 3060 and LING 4022/6022. 


I regularly teach the following courses:

LING 3060 in fall and spring semesters [course bulletin]

LING 6021, Phonetics & Phonology in fall semesters [course bulletin] [ARTI info]

LING 4022/6022, Advanced Phonetics & Phonology in even spring semesters [course bulletin]

LING 4400/6400, Quantitative Methods in Linguistics in odd spring semesters [course bulletin]


I have taught two seminars at UGA:

LING 8180, Seminar in Phonetics & Phonology
     Quantitative Methods in Linguistics, Spring 2015

LING 8180, Seminar in Phonetics & Phonology
     The relationship between speech production & perception, Fall 2014


I am a member of the UGA Graduate Faculty, and eligible to serve on committees for M.A. and Ph.D. students.