Phonetics & Phonology Resources

This page contains a collection of tools I've found useful in teaching and research. Check back for updates!

Acoustic analysis: Praat tutorials, scripting, and help
Mauricio Figueroa's scripting manual & tutorials
the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Vowels - tutorials & scripting help
Praat scripting manuals
Praat Yahoo! group
NCSU Phonology Lab Script Repository - Praat and more
Phonetics on Speed Praat Scripting Tutorial
Praat Script Collection from Will Styler
Praat-based Tools & Common Prosody Platform from Yi Xu
Prosogram: Pitch contour stylization based on a tonal perception model
EasyAlign: phonetic alignment with Praat
A Tutorial on Extracting Formants in Praat by Joey Stanley 
ToBI Annotation Environments for Praat & WaveSurfer 

R resources
the R project
R Studio - an excellent GUI for R (install both R and R Studio)
the vowels package for R and its web-based NORM interface
the phonR package for normalization, etc. in R (new version!) 
the phonTools package for R
ggplot2: make beautiful plots in R! [top 50 ggplot2 visualizations]
plyr: transform & summarize your data easily & automatically
PraatR: access Praat from R by Aaron Albin
stat-ellipse: plot ellipses, e.g. around points in a vowel chart (requires other packages)
Rbrul, a tool for analyzing variation in linguistic data
SWIPE' for R: pitch extraction by Aaron Albin
plot spectrograms in R by Aaron Albin
Summary of Basic Statistical Tests in R from Stephanie Shih

Automating your acoustic analysis
SPPAS - forced alignment in multiple languages with Praat TextGrid output
WebMAUS - web-based forced alignment software from LMU
AutoVOT - automatic voice onset time calculation
P2FA and FAVE - software for forced alignment from UPenn
syllabify: a tool for syllabifying ARPABET transcriptions
the Prosodylab-Aligner for automated alignment
SWIPE' pitch extractor software by Kyle Gorman
DARLA - automated vowel formant extraction
Kaldi ASR - a toolkit for speech recognition
Formant Editor - a tool for improving formant-based analyses
EMU-webApp - label, visualize, and correct speech and derived speech data 
semiauto - plugin to improve efficiency of working in Praat
VoiceSauce - Matlab-based tool for voice quality analysis

General phonetics & phonology resources
Indiana University Phonetics Lab - an enormous compilation of resources
Jen Smith's phonetics page
Cristian DiCanio's resources and scripts
Val Systems: Josef Fruehwald's blog
English phonemic transcription chart for matching symbols across conventions
iPA Phonetics: An iOS app for the International Phonetic Alphabet
Interactive IPA Chart from the University of Victoria, Canada
Master Phonological Features Chart by Jason Riggle
The real-time MRI IPA chart from USC's span group
Seeing Speech MRI IPA chart 
Interactive map of Illustrations of the IPA
VocalTractLab: speech production demos & more
Pink Trombone: online voice synthesizer
Sounds of Speech: speech articulation tutorial, with app 
Interactive Sagittal Section by Daniel Currie Hall 
ArticulatoryIPA YouTube Channel 
eSpeak text to speech synthesizer 
MBROLA -- "Towards a Freely Available Multilingual Speech Synthesizer" 

Tools for transcription, data acquisition, management & analysis
Open SLR: Open Speech & Language Resources
Phonological CorpusTools (github) - "Take the stress out of corpus analysis!"
Speech Corpus Tools - an application for interacting with large datasets
LaBB-CAT, a repository for time-aligned audio & transcripts
Phon: database management for audio corpora 
EMU-SDMS: database management & searching of audio corpora
Bavarian Archive for Speech Signals: tools for acoustic analysis
{Deep} Phonetic Tools - machine learning applied to acoustic analysis
Transcriber, a tool for labeling, segmenting & transcribing speech
FESTIVAL code snippets for speech synthesis
Language Markup and Experimental Design Software, a web-based platform
Polyglot DB, a Python package for storing and querying large speech corpora 

Phonological databases, tools, & corpora
LAPSyD, the Lyon-Albuquerque Phonological Systems Database
UPSID, an online version of the UCLA Phonological Segment Inventory Database
South American Phonological Inventory Database, from UC Berkeley
PHOIBLE Online - a repository of cross-linguistic phonological inventory data
UMD's Langscape: a portal to language diversity
NIM, a "stimuli search engine" for psycholinguistics (Eng, Cat, Esp)
UD Phonology Lab Stress Pattern Database - with Finite State utility
OSCAAR, The Online Speech/Corpora Archive and Analysis Resource
learnLexicalConstraints, an online learner with lexically-specific phonological constraints
Language Variation Suite for variationist quantitative data analysis
IPhOD: the Irvine Phonotactic Online Dictionary
Phonotactic Probability Calculator maintained by Michael Vitevitch
Language Goldmine - databases & datasets (not just PhPh)
Experigen - an online experiment platform
Dynamic Dialects accent database with video speech samples 
Atlas sonore des langues régionales de France - the North Wind and the Sun in many varieties
Blog post on prosodically annotated corpora, focusing on English  

Unix resources
Ken Church's Unix for Poets
AWK cheat sheet - one-liners & other goodies
Using BASH, sed & awk for your language analysis - tutorial document

Using the IPA on your computer
in Windows: Microsoft Word supports IPA symbols. Try Insert --> Symbol.
in Mac OS: Install an IPA keyboard or use Charis SIL.
No time to install? Type IPA phonetic symbols.

Just for fun
Chrome Music Lab - Spectrogram: Colorful, multidimensional, animated visualizations of sound.
Virtual Oscilloscope: visualize live sound input