Class Schedule

All textbook sections come from the course textbook. Your homework sets also use many problems from that textbook.

  • The problem text may be recopied in homework assignments, so that you can do problems without having to keep your book open all the time.
  • For more details, consult the syllabus found in the sidebar to this page.


Many handouts are attached in this calendar, such as classwork solutions and HW assignments.

  • Partial solution sets can instead be found on eLC.


Expect this calendar to be updated about once a week. Definitely check back on Mondays and Fridays.

UNIT 1: Vector geometry, matrix systems, judging existence and uniqueness of solutions

Week 1:

  • W Jan 9: Introduction to course, Section 1.1. Basic pictures of vectors, drawing the vectors x + y and x - y.
  • F Jan 11: Section 1.1. Span of vectors, parametric equations for lines and planes.


HW 1, due F Jan 18 at the start of class

  • For those who don't have the book yet, here are scans of Section 1.1 HW and Section 1.2 HW.
  • Most assignments will be due on Mondays, but this first assignment will be due on a Friday because of the holiday on Monday January 21.
  • Partial solutions to HW assignments get uploaded to the Content area of eLC one class day after the HW is due (to account for anyone who turns in the HW late).


Extra handout of the week: Multiple ways to write the same line or the same span

  • We'll have supplemental material posted on most weeks to provide extra practice and go through some proofs slowly.

Week 2:

  • M Jan 14. Start Section 1.2: Dot product, orthogonal vectors, angle between vectors.
  • W Jan 16. Finish 1.2: Projections onto vectors, Cauchy-Schwarz Inequality.
  • F Jan 18. 1.3: The normal equation a*x = c, hyperplanes.


HW 1 was assigned last week... check it out! It's due this Friday in class.


HW 2, due M Jan 28


Extra handout of the week: Cauchy-Schwarz revisited, and lots of demonstration of intersections

Week 3:

  • No class on M Jan 21.
  • W Jan 23. Start 1.4: Row operations to simplify linear equations, matrix notation, echelon form.
  • F Jan 25. Finish 1.4: More matrix practice, rank of a matrix, reduced echelon form.


HW 2's link can be found in last week's calendar area. It's due M Jan 28.


Extra handout of the week: Some more practice with linear systems and echelon form

Week 4:

  • M Jan 28. Start 1.5: Linearity of Ax and column space, constraint equations for consistency.
  • W Jan 30. Finish 1.5: Unique or infinite solutions to Ax = b, non-singular square matrices.
  • F Feb 1. Start 1.6: Several applications of systems Ax = b, such as mixing quantities, balancing chemical reactions, and fitting a polynomial curve through several points.


HW 3, due M Feb 4

  • This assignment has a few small proofs on it. Make sure you start this by Wednesday to have enough time to bring up questions outside of class!


Extra handout of the week: Existence of matrices with certain properties, and an application to partial fractions

Week 5:

  • M Feb 4. Finish 1.6 and start 2.1: Probability matrices (discrete systems), definition of A + B and AB.
  • W Feb 6. Finish 2.1, start 2.2: Important properties and examples of product AB, powers A^k of square matrices, linear transformation definition.
  • F Feb 8. Finish 2.2: The standard matrix of a linear transformation, useful geometric examples like projection and rotation.


HW 4, due M Feb 11

  • The handout for the week can provide another useful example of a probability matrix (to help with #2).


Extra handout of the week: A probability matrix problem, exploring when AB = BA, and a neat rotation fact



  • You get 55 minutes, as opposed to 50. If this is not possible with your class schedule, let me know so we can work out alternate arrangements.
  • Expect 5 or 6 questions covering Sections 1.1 to 2.2, HWs 1 through 4.
    • The material from M Feb 11 will not be on this exam.
  • Non-graphing calculators are allowed as long as they can't do matrix algebra for you. (See the syllabus.)
  • A topic list (with a theorem summary) for Test 1
  • Practice questions for Test 1 (now with solutions for several problems)
    • We will have an in-class review day on W Feb 13.

 Week 6:

  • M Feb 11. 2.3: Inverse matrices with AB = BA = I.
  • W Feb 13. In-class review for Test 1 (see practice questions!)
  • F Feb 15TEST 1 (55 minutes)


There's no HW for this week.


There's no extra handout for this week. Look at test review links from the end of last week!

UNIT 2: More abstract properties about matrices, vector subspaces, and linear transformations

Week 7:

  • M Feb 18. Finish 2.3, Start 2.4: Facts about inverses, elementary matrices, and constructing an LU-decomposition.
  • W Feb 20. Finish 2.4, complete 2.5: Using LU-decomposition to solve equations, transposes of matrices.
  • F Feb 22. Start 3.1: subspaces of R^n, with some key examples involving span and nullspace, intersection of two subspaces.


HW 5, due M Feb 25


Extra handout of the week: Check back on Wednesday.

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