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This calendar is updated weekly, indicating which textbook sections we plan to cover. It is where you will find paper HW assignments, test review documents, and other useful handouts.


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UNIT 1: Limits

Week 0:


Quiz this week: None


There's no paper HW this week: it starts next week.

Week 1:

  • Mon Aug 19. Finish 2.2 and Start 2.3: vertical asymptotes, limit laws.
    • Your first WW set (2.1) is due tonight! Make sure you also start looking at 2.2, because its quiz is tomorrow.
    • (In the future, I will not put up website announcements of WW due dates. You are responsible for checking WeBWorK regularly.)
  • Tue Aug 20. Continue 2.3: More 0/0 Forms, Rationalization.
  • Wed Aug 21. Finish 2.3, start 2.4: Squeeze Theorem, Continuity, Piecewise Functions.
  • Fri Aug 23. Finish 2.4: Finding domains of continuous functions, Intermediate Value Theorem, sign charts.
    • The exercise at the end of class demonstrates very important skills we will use extensively in later chapters! Make sure you can complete this entire problem (with practice and review) and complete the entire study guide at the end of this daily exercise set.


Quiz this week: Section 2.2 (understanding limits via pictures)


Paper HW 1, due Friday 8/23 in class

  • To see what a paper set can look like, here's a demo problem and its solution.
  • These problems can be more creative than the WeBWorK problems! Try to start these early, and you may want to use office hours to look over draft attempts.

Last updated: 8/18/2019