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This calendar is updated weekly, indicating which textbook sections we plan to cover. It is where you will find paper HW assignments, test review documents, and other useful handouts.


Clicking on each day leads you to a document with basic announcements, the daily exercise, solutions, and room for making a study guide.

UNIT 1: Limits

Week 0:


Quiz this week: None


There's no paper HW this week: it starts next week.

Week 1:

  • Mon Aug 19. Finish 2.2 and Start 2.3: vertical asymptotes, limit laws.
    • Your first WW set (2.1) is due tonight! Make sure you also start looking at 2.2, because its quiz is tomorrow.
    • (In the future, I will not put up website announcements of WW due dates. You are responsible for checking WeBWorK regularly.)
  • Tue Aug 20. Continue 2.3: More 0/0 Forms, Rationalization.
  • Wed Aug 21. Finish 2.3, start 2.4: Squeeze Theorem, Continuity, Piecewise Functions.
  • Fri Aug 23. Finish 2.4: Finding domains of continuous functions, Intermediate Value Theorem, sign charts.
    • The exercise at the end of class demonstrates very important skills we will use extensively in later chapters! Make sure you can complete this entire problem (with practice and review) and complete the entire study guide at the end of this daily exercise set.


Quiz this week: Section 2.2 (understanding limits via pictures)


Paper HW 1, due Friday 8/23 in class

  • To see what a paper set can look like, here's a demo problem and its solution.
  • These problems can be more creative than the WeBWorK problems! Try to start these early, and you may want to use office hours to look over draft attempts.
  • Partial solutions go on eLC after graded papers are returned to students.

Week 2:

  • Mon Aug 26. Start 3.1 and 3.2: Definition of derivative, secant and tangent lines.
    • Paper HW 1 solutions usually go on eLC on the Monday after the assignment was due. Look in the Content area of the eLC page.
    • Math department study halls are open now! They are held in Boyd 204 on Mondays-Thursdays from 5pm to 8pm.
  • Tue Aug 27. Continue 3.1 and 3.2: Leibniz notation, differentiable points, pictures of f'(x).
  • Wed Aug 28. Finish 3.2, start 3.3: Repeated derivatives, the power law of derivatives.
  • Fri Aug 30. Test 1 review


Quiz this week: Section 2.3 (10 minutes)


Paper HW 2, due Friday 8/30 in class

  • Since there's no class on Monday 9/2, I will upload full solutions to these problems on eLC sometime over the weekend.



  • This covers limits (Chapter 2) and the definition of derivative (Sections 3.1 and 3.2.) You have all 75 minutes of class to take the test.
  • Expect 6-8 questions on it similar to past assignments (generally easier than paper HW). You do not have to write long sentences in answers, but you may be asked for a bit of explanation.
  • The only allowed calculator in exams is the TI-30XS Multiview, but you may leave unsimplified answers similar to WW standards.
  • We have a review day in class on Friday (since there's no school Monday). See Friday's notes above for review documents.

UNIT 2: Derivative Rules

Week 3:

  • No class on Mon Sep 2 (Labor Day)
  • Tue Sep 3TEST 1
    • The test should be graded by Friday at the latest. I can make short appointments to review the exam with people during next week.
  • Wed Sep 4. Finish 3.3: Product and Quotient Rules
    • From this point onward, you may use derivative rules instead of the definition of derivative, unless the question specifically tells you to use the derivative definition (like in Test 1).
  • Fri Sep 6. 3.4, start 3.5: Derivatives as Rates of Change, Sine and Cosine Derivatives
    • The homework for 3.4 is not very long, so it has an unusual due date (next Wednesday, Sep 11).


No quiz this week (due to test)


No paper HW this week (due to test)

Week 4:

  • Mon Sep 9. Finish 3.5, start 3.6: Other trigonometric derivatives, Chain Rule.
  • Tue Sep 10. Finish 3.6: More Chain Rule practice
  • Wed Sep 11. Start 3.8: Implicit Differentiation.
    • We skip 3.7 (inverse functions) and return to it next Monday.
  • Fri Sep 13. Finish 3.8: More difficult tasks with implicit differentiation.


Quiz this week: Section 3.3


Paper HW 3, due Friday 9/13 in class

  • The first question must be done with the Product Rule (even though we learn about the Chain Rule in this week of class).

Week 5:

  • Mon Sep 16. 3.7: Brief recap of inverse functions, inverse derivative rule, inverse trigonometry derivatives.
    • If you want more review of inverse trig functions, this may be useful.
    • The "implicit method for inverse derivatives" shown in this class is a topic that can show up on tests! The technique used for arcsin(x) and arctan(x) in these class notes has several tricky steps involving right triangle trigonometry (SOHCAHTOA), and I can help you with this outside of class if your memory of trig is rusty.
  • Tue Sep 17. Start 3.9: Exponential and logarithm derivatives, logarithmic differentiation.
  • Wed Sep 18. Finish 3.9: Different bases in exponentials and logs, derivatives of general powers f(x)^g(x).
    • After today, the Power Rule for (x^n)' works for ALL constants n (even irrational ones)!
  • Fri Sep 20. Start 4.1: Related rates.
    • Summary handout of the main steps, along with some useful formulas
    • This topic is tricky! It takes a lot of practice to read carefully, set up your information in an organized manner, and compute the correct derivatives. I would encourage everyone to bring a practice problem to office hours from your textbook exercises.
    • We will continue with this topic on both Monday and Tuesday of the following week as well!


Quiz this week: Section 3.6


Paper HW 4, due Friday 9/20 in class

Week 6:

  • Mon Sep 23. Continue 4.1: Related rates, mostly with distance and Pythagorean formulas.
  • Tue Sep 24. Finish 4.1: Related rates, with SOHCAHTOA and similar-triangle problems.
  • Wed Sep 25. Section 4.2: Linear approximation (aka linearization) and differentials.
    • This is the last topic on Test 2.
  • Fri Sep 27. Start 4.3: Absolute and local extreme values, critical points of functions.
    • This material is not on Test 2. We'll finish it right after Test 2.


Quiz this week: Section 3.9 (10 minutes)


Paper HW 5, due Friday 9/27 in class



  • This covers from Section 3.3 (product and quotient rules of derivatives) up to Section 4.2 (linearization and differentials). Expect about 6-8 questions for 75 minutes of time.
  • You may use any derivative rule you want from class in problems, unless the question's directions specifically tell you to use the definition (like in Test 1) or give you further restrictions.
    • There might be a problem that makes you prove a derivative rule using an implicit method! For example, look at the class on Section 3.7 where we studied the inverse trigonometric derivatives.
  • Topic list for the exam
  • Practice questions for the exam (this will also serve as Monday's daily document)
    • Some solutions will be uploaded on Monday, under that day's notes.

UNIT 3: Derivative Applications

Week 7:

  • Mon Sep 30. Test 2 review
  • Tue Oct 1TEST 2
    • WW 4.3 will get released after this test, because it was first covered last week! It is due SATURDAY night.
  • Wed Oct 2. Finish 4.3, start 4.4: More examples of the Closed Interval Method, introduce Mean Value Theorem and represent it visually.
  • Fri Oct 4. Finish 4.4, start 4.5: MVT with inequalities on f'(x), First-Derivative Test for Extrema.
    • Revisit August 27's class, where we compare graphs of f(x) and f'(x)!
    • We will spend Monday and Tuesday next week continuing with curve-sketching.


No quiz this week (due to test)


No paper HW this week (due to test)

Week 8:


Quiz this week: Section 4.3 (critical values)


Paper HW 6, due Friday 10/11 in class

Week 9:


Quiz this week (10 minutes): Section 4.5 (signs of the first two derivatives)


Paper HW 7, due Friday 10/18 in class

  • This should be a tricky assignment. Look over it early!

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