Class schedule:

This calendar is updated weekly, indicating which textbook sections we plan to cover. It is where you will find paper HW assignments, test review documents, and other useful handouts.

UNIT 1: Limits

Week 1:

  • Mon Aug 13. Introduction to the course (see the syllabus at the top of this page), and Section 2.1 on average versus instantaneous slope.
  • Tue Aug 14. Start Section 2.2: basic limit terminology, pictures, some limit laws.
  • Wed Aug 15. Finish Section 2.2: factoring with 0/0 forms, rationalizing square root differences.
  • Fri Aug 17. Start Section 2.4: one-sided limits, pictures, sin(theta)/theta for small angles theta.
    • The first WW set (on Section 2.1) is due tonight! Make sure you've been able to log in.
    • (Most WW due dates will not be advertised on this site, but I'll point out the first due date.)


Quiz this week: None


There's no paper HW this week: it starts next week.

Week 2:

  • Mon Aug 20. Finish limits with sin(theta)/theta, and start Sec 2.5: continuity.
  • Tue Aug 21. Finish Sec 2.5: domains of continuous functions, Intermediate Value Theorem.
  • Wed Aug 22. Start Sec 2.6: horizontal asymptotes as x -> infinity or x -> -infinity
  • Fri Aug 24. Finish Sec 2.6: vertical asymptotes, making sign charts / diagrams.
    • For more detail about how we make sign charts (which is a crucial skill in this course), see this extra handout.


Quiz this week: Section 2.2.


Paper HW 1, due on Friday August 24

  • Take a look at last week's demo assignment to see an example of presentation you could follow.
  • Usually, (partial) solutions to paper sets are released on eLC after the class day following the due date.

Week 3:

  • Mon Aug 27. Sections 3.1 and 3.2: the definition of the derivative f'(x), Leibniz notation dy/dx, rates of change.
  • Tue Aug 28. Sections 3.1 and 3.2: linearity, when a function is not differentiable (vertical tangents, sharp corners).
  • Wed Aug 29. Start Section 3.3: basic derivatives for e^x and for power functions x^n, repeated derivatives.
    • This is NOT COVERED ON TEST 1.
  • Fri Aug 31In-class review for Test 1
    • See the topic list and practice questions a little further down.


Quiz this week: Sections 2.6 and HW_Asymptotes.


Paper HW 2, due Friday August 31

  • Because there's no class on Monday September 3 before the test, solutions will be released right away on Friday!
  • This also means I may not be able to grant late credit; talk to me personally if there are extenuating circumstances.



  • There is no school on Monday September 3 (Labor Day), so review day will be on Friday August 31.
  • This test covers Sections 2.1 to 3.2. (Section 3.3 will be saved for Test 2.)
    • You will have to compute a derivative by definition only; no derivative rules will be allowed!
  • Expect 6 to 8 questions similar to medium-difficulty WeBWorK, with a 75-minute time limit.
    • If you want a calculator, the ONLY approved calculator is a TI-30XS Multiview!
    • (No calculator is necessary, since you can leave answers unsimplified.)
    • These questions should usually be a bit harder than quiz questions but easier than paper HW.
  • Although you have to show work, most questions will not ask you for detailed explanations.
    • One or two questions might ask for brief explanations though (only one or two sentences), similar to paper HW standards.
  • Topic list for the exam
  • Practice questions for the exam
    • I'll bring copies of this to review day this time. (In the future, I will ask you to bring your own if you want.)
    • Some of these problems have solutions included.

Week 4:

  • Tue Sep 4TEST 1.
  • Wed Sep 5. Finish Section 3.3: Product and Quotient Rules, introduce derivatives obtained via a table of values.
  • Fri Sep 7. Section 3.4: Rates of change and motion.


No quiz for this week


No paper HW this week

UNIT 2: Derivative Rules

Week 5:

  • Mon Sep 10. Section 3.5: Trigonometry Derivatives.
  • Tue Sep 11. Start Section 3.6: Chain Rule for composites g(f(x)).
  • Wed Sep 12. Finish Section 3.6 and start Section 3.7: More Chain Rule practice, Implicit Differentiation (getting dy/dx from both x and y).
  • Fri Sep 14. Finish Section 3.7: Implicit differentiation practice, solving for specific slopes dy/dx = m, second derivatives.


Quiz this week: Sections 3.3 and 3.4.

  • You could be expected to use the Product or the Quotient Rule to compute a derivative in some context involving object motion, for instance.


Paper HW 3, due Friday September 14

Week 6:


Quiz this week: Section 3.6.


Paper HW 4, due Friday September 21

Week 7:

  • Mon Sep 24. Continue Section 3.10. Related Rates, mostly with right triangles and Pythagoras.
  • Tue Sep 25. Finish Section 3.10. Related Rates with trig and proportional / similar triangles.
    • We will not be covering every possible way to use related rates! You're ultimately responsible for practicing your skills at reading mathematical wording and designing an appropriate setup, even in a new word problem setting.
  • Wed Sep 26. Section 3.11. Linear approximation / linearization, differentials dx and dy (change or error).
  • Fri Sep 28. Start Section 4.1. Absolute and relative extrema, critical values.
    • This section will not be covered on Test 2!


Quiz this week: Sections 3.8 / 3.9 (10 minutes)


Paper HW 5, due Friday September 28



  • This test covers Sections 3.3 to 3.11.
    • Unless the question says so specifically, you do not have to use the formal derivative definition. (You did that on Test 1.) You may use derivative rules instead.
    • You may have to prove one of our derivative formulas on the test, especially the ones involving implicit treatment of inverse formulas from Sections 3.8 and 3.9!
  • Like with Test 1, expect 6 to 8 problems, to be completed in 75 minutes.
    • The only allowed calculator is TI-30XS Multiview, as the syllabus mentions.
  • Topic list for Test 2
  • Practice questions for Test 2 (in-class review Monday October 1)

Week 8:

  • Mon Oct 1In-class review for Test 2.
  • Tue Oct 2TEST 2
  • Wed Oct 3. Finish Section 4.1: critical values, especially on closed intervals. Absolute extrema.
  • Fri Oct 5. Start Section 4.2: Mean Value Theorem (visual understanding), checking continuity and differentiability.


No quiz for this week


No paper HW this week

UNIT 3: Applications of the Derivative to Graph Shapes

Week 9:


Quiz this week: Section 4.1


Paper HW 6, due Friday October 12

Week 10:

  • Mon Oct 15: Start Section 4.5. L'Hopital's Rule for 0/0 or infinity/infinity limit forms.
  • Tue Oct 16: Continue Section 4.5. Limits related to e^x or ln(x) for x -> infinity, 0 * infinity limit forms.
  • Wed Oct 17: Finish Section 4.5. Limits of infinity - infinity form, indeterminate power forms.
  • Fri Oct 19: Start Section 4.6. Optimization introduction.
    • There may be more handouts for this class. This will be updated later in the week.


Quiz this week: Sections 4.3 and 4.4 (10 minutes)

  • You will not have to sketch a graph in this quiz, but you will have to describe the signs of derivatives by either drawing a labeled number line or making a table.


Paper HW 7, due Friday October 19

  • One of these problems involves analyzing a picture without any formula! Review your notes from Section 4.3 carefully, or you may want to try the "derivative puzzle" game link from last week!

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