Office hours and address

Office location: Boyd 603C

Office hours for Summer 2018

  • Every day: 2:00-3:30pm
  • Tuesdays and Thursdays additional hours: 4:30-6:00pm

or by appointment. You can stop by if my door is open.

Mailing address

Dr. Michael Klipper
(706) 542-2588
Boyd GSRC 603C
The University of Georgia
Athens, GA 30602

Section Info + Basics

I am teaching two sections of this course. Make sure to download your syllabus and read it to see how to get set up with coursework.


Section 38283

  • Meets MWF 9:05am to 9:55am in Boyd 222, T 9:30am to 10:45am in Boyd 221
  • Syllabus


Section 25054

  • Meets MWF 12:20pm to 1:10pm in Boyd 221, T 3:30pm to 4:45pm in Dawson 312
  • Syllabus


Some suggestions for using WeBWorK effectively

  • Reread this several times through the semester!


The final exam schedule can be found here.

  • In that schedule, treat this course like an MWF course. Your exam takes place in the classroom you use for MWF days.
  • More details should be available close to the end of the course.

Useful webpages


  • This is the site where you will do most of your homework.
  • Most due dates are Mondays and Fridays. Check this site frequently!



  • This is where you can find records of your grades, as well as partial solutions to paper HWs.
  • You may not save HWs to your computer or print them. You can view them only from eLC.


Tutoring resources

  • This page has some links to university-wide free tutoring, along with a list of paid tutors.

Scans of textbook pages

(This is for HW problems that refer to textbook figures)

HW 6.1:

HW 11.3:


Math 2260, Spring 2017

Rough class schedule:

This calendar is updated weekly, indicating which textbook sections we plan to cover. It is where you will find paper HW assignments, test review documents, and other useful handouts. You can also see the topic for the weekly quiz.

This schedule will not show the topics for each day. Instead, it will outline what we plan to cover over the whole week. If you want more detail, email me or talk to me outside of class.


Week 1 (and the first Friday of class):

  • Introduction to the course (see the syllabus at the top of this page)
    • Make sure to log on to WeBWorK and practice with it! Check the syllabus or email me if you're having problems.
    • You should have received an email invite for Piazza, an online discussion forum for the course. It's a great place to ask and answer questions! (There's more detail in the syllabus.)
  • Brief recap of derivatives and finding signs of functions
  • Review of integration: basic areas, Fundamental Theorem, u-substitutions, and area between two curves
    • These topics form the "Chapter 5 Review" assignment in WeBWorK, your first graded HW assignment.
  • Section 6.1, day 1: Volume in three dimensions


Quiz section for this week: No quiz for the first full week of class


Paper HW of the week: Demo assignment (not to be turned in)

Week 2:

  • Finish Section 6.1: disks and washers
  • Start Section 6.2: shells


Quiz section for this week: Chapter 5 Review (u-substitution or area between curves)


Paper HW of the week, due Friday, January 20

  • Look back at the demo from last week to get a sense of the intended level of detail in your answers!
  • Solutions to the second problem will be uploaded to eLC on Monday, January 23.

Week 3:

  • Finish Section 6.2: shells
  • Sections 6.3 and 6.4: arc length, and surface area of revolution
  • Start Section 6.5: work in one dimension


Quiz section for this week: Section 6.1


Paper HW of the week, due Friday, January 27

  • Solutions to the second problem will be uploaded to eLC on Monday, January 30.

Week 4:

  • Finish Section 6.5: springs and average value
  • Section 7.2: separable differential equations, uses with exponentials
  • We start the first day of Unit 2 on Friday. (It's day 1 of Section 8.1: integration by parts.)
    • We will return to this after Test 1 next week.


Quiz section for this week: Section 6.3


Paper HW of the week, due Friday, February 3

  • Solutions to the second problem will be uploaded to eLC on Monday, February 6.


Test 1 is next Tuesday, February 7.

  • Here's a topic list, with concept-check questions, for the first test.
  • Expect the exam to have 6 to 8 questions, similar to HW, and you get 75 minutes to complete the exam.
    • For this unit, one question will have you write volume integrals and draw your shells or washers, but you won't actually finish the integrals.
    • You are not expected to write complete-sentence explanations in exams, unless the question specifically asks you to briefly explain your answer. (In this case, one sentence is usually fine.)
  • In-class review takes place on Monday, February 6.


Week 5:

  • Review day for Test 1
  • Finish 8.1: Integration by Parts
  • Start 8.2: Integrating Trigonometric Powers


TEST 1 IS ON TUESDAY, IN CLASS (unless you have alternate proctoring arrangements).


There is no paper HW this week. 

Week 6:


Quiz section for this week: Section 8.1


Paper HW of the week, due Friday, February 17

  • Solutions will be posted on eLC on Monday, February 20.

Week 7:

  • Section 8.4: Integration by Partial Fractions
  • Extra Integral Techniques: using substitutions to change problem types, and implicit / inverse substitutions


Quiz section for this week: Section 8.3 (12 minutes!)

  • Keep in mind that, in order to do these problems, you also have to know trig power techniques from Section 8.2.


Paper HW of the week, due Friday, Feburary 24 

Week 8:

  • Section 8.6: Some Integral Approximations
    • Here's the Mathematica program I used to show off pictures. (Just scroll to the very bottom of the file.)
    • You should have access to Mathematica in campus computer labs. If that doesn't work, I'm sure you can find plenty of other good pictures online.
  • Section 8.7: Improper Integrals
  • Day 1 of Test 2 Review (day 2 is Monday after Spring Break)


Quiz section for this week: Section 8.4 (12 minutes!)


Paper HW of the week, due Friday, March 3

  • If you will not be in class that Friday, it is your responsibility to make arrangements in advance to turn in your assignment.


Spring Break is next week, March 6 through 10.

Test 1 is the Tuesday after break, March 14.

  • Here's a topic list, with concept-check questions.
  • Expect the exam to be a similar length to the first exam.
    • I will allow you to use abbreviations for unsimplified constants, like we've done with the limits of trig subs.
  • Like in paper HW, some problems will ask you to break up the work in multiple steps. Follow instructions!
    • If you cannot figure out an early part of the problem, you may make up an answer for it to use in later parts... you should check this with me during the exam itself if you're unsure about when you can do this.
  • In-class review takes place on Friday, March 3, and Monday, March 13.


Week 9:




There is no paper HW this week. 

Week 10:

  • Section 9.2: Main definition of a series, telescoping series, geometric series, nth-term test
  • Section 9.3 (in part): p-series
  • Section 9.4: Limit Comparison Test and Comparison Test


Quiz section of the week: Section 9.1


Paper HW of the week, due Friday March 24, 2017

  • Start this assignment early; you'll have to get comfortable soon with the terminology and definitions.

Week 11:


Quiz section of the week: Section 9.4 


This is a different paper HW with different directions. It is due on MONDAY APRIL 3, 2017.

  • This is also treated differently in the syllabus. See the cover sheet of the HW for more details.
  • You should be able to attack all of these questions after Monday's class.

Week 12:


Quiz section of the week: Section 9.7 (12 minutes!)


Paper HW of the week, due Friday April 7, 2017


Test 3 is next Tuesday, April 11.

  • Here's a topic review list. Don't forget to look at handouts in the calendar above as well!
  • You do not have to memorize the Remainder Estimation Theorem, but you DO have to memorize the four famous Maclaurin series in the handout above.
    • You also have to know how to use each of our series tests.
  • In-class review takes place for part of Friday, April 7, and the whole day of Monday, April 10.


Week 13:

  • Second day of Test 3 Review
  • Section 11.1: 3D Coordinates
  • Start Section 11.2: Basic Vector Algebra




There is no paper HW this week.

Weeks 14 and 15:

  • Finish Section 11.2: Basic Vector Algebra
  • Section 11.3: Dot Products
  • We start Section 11.4: Cross Product in week 14, finishing it on Monday of Week 15.
    • To compute 3x3 determinants, I recommend Sarrus's Rule. There are other ways, but they take longer to explain.
  • Two days of final exam review on Tuesday 4/25 and Wednesday 4/26.


Quiz section of the week: 11.2

  • This WILL cover some material from Monday's class.
  • This is our last quiz.


Paper HW of the week, due Friday, April 21, 2017

  • This is the final paper HW.

Final exam information

Date and time:

  • For section 38283: Friday 4/28, from 8am to 11am, in Boyd 222
  • For section 25054: Friday 4/28, from 12pm to 3pm, in Boyd 221


Office hours for the finals period:

  • Wednesday April 26: 2:00pm to 4:30pm
  • Thursday April 27: All day (8am to 5pm), try to email in advance


Formulas you will be provided when/if they show up on the exam:

  • Arc length and surface area integrals
  • You may use the fact that n^(p/n) -> 1 as n -> infinity without recalculating that limit.
  • The famous Maclaurin series
  • The Remainder Estimation Theorem


If a topic was off-limits for an in-class exam, it is still off-limits for the final exam.


There will be a question on the final exam questioning you on some basic terminology!

  • Each part wants only one sentence, at most, about the concept it mentions.
  • SAMPLE: "What's the difference between a disk and a washer?" One correct answer is "A disk is one circle, whereas a washer is the region between two circles."

Last updated: 4/25/2017