For Linguistics majors and minors: I am the Undergraduate Coordinator and am the person you should contact for signatures on various required forms, including credit approval forms for study abroad transfer credit. I'm happy to meet with students to discuss specific questions about courses, requirements, or other matters. For regular advising and clearance for registration, you should make an appointment at with Ms. Rebecca Jeffers, the undergraduate advisor for Linguistics.

I am no longer serving as the undergraduate advisor for Germanic & Slavic Studies. Undergraduate majors in German, Russian, or Germanic and Slavic Studies who have earned more than 60 hours of credit should make an appointment with Mr. Jordon Ropson to be advised and cleared for registration (majors with fewer than 60 hours should be advised and cleared for registration by a Franklin College advisor). For placement and approval of transfer credit for Russian and Slavic courses, please contact Dr. Sasha Spector


Spring 2018 office hours: Wednesday, 2-4 pm