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Google Translate hallucinates fabulous translations of gibberish:



Interesting article about a computer simulation, used to explain the correlation between language complexity and the number of speakers:




Map of endangered languages

The Washington Post recently published some interesting visualizations of language diversity:


Phys.org posted a story about an article by researchers at the Max Planck Institute stating that "languages with a wide range of tone pitches are more prevalent in regions with high humidity levels. In contrast, languages with simpler tone pitches are mainly found in drier regions. This is explained by the fact that the vocal folds require a humid environment to produce the right tone."

But as far as we know, there is no human culture without singing. So... ?

Percentage of Welsh speakers

I keep running across items related to Wales and Welsh recently, and since I'm interested in the ideology of standard languages and am currently working on a project on standardized pronunciation, these two items caught my eye:

Stephen Moss on "Why I wish I'd kept my Welsh accent"


a Dialect Blog post on the "foreignness" of the Welsh accent