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I teach Russian language courses at all levels (most often, Intermediate Russian I and II and advanced courses on special topics); a course on Old Church Slavic as an introduction to historical Slavic linguistics; courses on Slavic culture and identity; and general linguistics courses for both undergraduate and graduate students. 

Spring 2017

LING 3250. Morphology

Introduction to the linguistic study of word structure and how this relates to other components of the grammar of a language (phonology, syntax, semantics). Theoretical issues and problems in the study of morphology will be discussed in connection with the analysis of data from a wide variety of languages. Prerequisite: LING 2100 or LING 2100H.


Fall 2017

LING 6021. Phonetics and Phonology

Introduction to the study of the sounds used in human languages and how sounds function as a system in individual languages. Fundamentals of articulatory and acoustic phonetics, basic phonological architecture and formalism, phonetic motivations for phonological alternations.