Welcome to the course website for Dr. Royal's MATH 3200 class! 

Here is a PDF of the syllabus

This section of MATH 3200 is part of the Franklin College Writing Intensive Program, and this course counts towards completion of the Writing Certificate.

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Course Materials:

How to Think Like a Mathematician: A Companion to Undergraduate Mathematics, Kevin Houston, ISBN 978-0-521-71978-0

Introduction to Proof, Ron Taylor, published by the Journal of Inquiry-Based Learning in Mathematics

Office Hours

M 2:15-3:15, W 3:30-4:30, F 1:15-2:15


Homework 1 due Wednesday, January 17 Friday, January 19 *due to snow day

Quiz 1 Friday, January 19 Monday, January 22 on Chapter 1 of Taylor (definitions, theorems, etc.)

Homework 2 due Friday, January 26

Quiz 2 Monday, January 29 on Chapter 2 of Taylor (definitions, theorems, etc.)

Weekly Schedule (Tentative):

Week 1:

Course Introduction

Friday, January 5 <--- This is a link.

Week 2: 

Statements and Compound Statements, Implications 

Monday, January 8 (class canceled)

Wednesday, January 10 <-- This is the material originally planned for Monday.

Friday, January 12

Week 3:

Implications, Quantifiers

Wednesday, January 17 - snow day

Friday, January 19

Week 4:

Proof Methods. 

Monday, January 22

Week 5:

Begin Induction, Exam 1 on February 2 (tentatively over Ch 1 and Ch 2 of Taylor)


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