Inside-Out Prison Exchange Program

The Inside-Out Prison Exchange Program is a course that brings together campus-based college students and incarcerated students. Typically, the course is comprised of 15 "inside" (incarcerated) students and 15 "outside" (non-incarcerated) students and meets in a correctional setting. 

Inside-Out Prison Exchange Program

Photo: "Inside" and "Outisde" students in class discussion at ACC Jail, Spring 2018

Through facilitated dialogue and active learning, the program creates a powerful and transformative learning environment for all participants. All students, whether "inside" or "outside" read the same texts, complete the same assignments, and participate with equal status in the classroom. 

The next UGA Inside-Out class will take place Spring 2019, facilitated by Dr. Sarah Shannon (Sociology) in partnership with the Clarke County Sheriff’s Office at the Athens-Clarke County Jail


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Hear from past UGA "outside" students about their Inside-Out experience: