In the Di Iorio Physical and Acoustical Oceanography laboratory we specialize in research that focuses on the fundamental laws of physics in the ocean environment. We strive to understand circulation processes that range from the coastal ocean to the deep-sea environment. We seek to constantly improve and disseminate our understanding of ocean mixing, turbulence and entrainment, estuarine transport, buoyancy driven flows, hydrothermal vent and natural methane and oil seep flows, and their interaction with the surrounding ocean.


See the research tab for a more detailed description of our current research projects and activities as well as updates.


See Daniela on youtube talking about our work in GOM (to take place Summer 2017): (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OJv9j78Esuo&feature=youtu.be)


Highly motivated Undergraduate and Graduate students are always needed to support our mission of the progression of scientific knowledge.


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